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Card game Nominations


I'm sure we've all spent many hours playing this game but for me it's a while ago now and my memory is not what it used to be (it probably never was but...). I'm looking to resurrect a game of "noms" but can't remember all the rules. Anybody know a location where the rules are written down or care to write them down?
Thanks Steve, that is an interesting cards site. Unfortunately, that is a very different game. So... the issue is still open for any takers.
There seemed to be a different set of rules for every ship I was in :D Still play noms with the kids when they come home. I will have a think (difficult at my advanced age and intoxication) and post what I can remember, but its a bit like contract bridge without all the mystique and crap.
Thatr brings back memories - played constantly when on duty at Faslane, never played in board though - wish I could remember the rules, but all that comes to mind was that it was a 4 player game and that one player nominated a partner by chosing a card, partner was not to overtly 1st player know who he was, could help by winning or losing hands as required, but that as far as my worn out noggin will go
The way I remember it Annie you had 4 players and you dealt in turn, player to left of dealer was first to nominate….’’ I will go 10 tricks on the 6of hearts ‘’..if no one else outbid him it was up to him and whoever held 6of hearts to make ten tricks….bidder would then lead with low heart ( trumps ) to find his partner…if he made the 10 tricks then he and partner would score 10 each…if they failed opposition would get 10 each. An individual could go miz and attempt to lose all tricks scoring 13…it was up to him to lead….he could be out bid of course by mizaviz where he had to lose all tricks but had to lay his cards out for the opposition to see and attempt to beat him scoring 26. Double hands…when no one made a bid make sure all cards from players are in order…hearts, clubs, diamonds,spades before dealing…scoring double points.

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