Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by johne, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. How many caravan pepes out there. We are. Tow all over Spain and UK.Awaiting pikey flak etc. :brave:
  2. Do you ever go near the Vatican?
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Once your fed up with the neighbours dits, up sticks and offski? :cya:

    Work beside I guy who swears by them. Takes alot of sh*t but does'nt stop him reading the mags infront of everyone. Each to there own I say, I like & own a motorbike. Even after talking to him I still can't work out the differance in appeal from a motorhome.
  4. There's a place at Angmering in Sussex that has a banked oval circuit (the only one in the country, except Brooklands I suppose) and they do demolition derbys with 'vans. It's hilarious and always gets a big crowd, cheering them on :twisted:
    I love the way those naff nets flap in the wind as the thing shatters into fragments :evil: :evil:
    Well worth the entry money!!

  5. Have graduated from Caravans now the kids are away
    Have a Camper van -----------no one borrows it or wants it sited so they can have a holiday

    Great for motorway stops aswell at service stations overnight stays .Does shopping and load carrying aswell.

  6. Had one for about 4 years now - but keep it in France - The annual storage charge is less than the cost of the ferry and the extra fuel it would burn to drag it down through France for the annual pilgrimage to Cognac for the Blues Festival in July!

    4.5 hour drive time from Le Havre to the site - friendly chappies drag it out of storage for me and set it up on the site so all we have to do it plug the power in and within an hour of arriving we are sat out with a cold beer (or two)!

    Mind now Fat Gord has managed to screw up the euro exchange rate it does mean that it is a tad more expensive now.
  7. When i was younger and we went camping with my parents we'd see all those in their caravans and motor homes and my and my little sister would be jealous and moody because we had to stop in a tent. Now i would hate to go camping and stop in a caravan its too much like a home on wheels and would be better off stopping in a B&B for the cost of running a caravan. I love camping in a tent and sleeping bag. Thats the whole point of it lol. :tweety:
  8. Should only be allowed on the roads between 2am and 6 am.

    Thus allowing normal people to travel safely. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Haha yeah I agree with that. :p
  10. On Sundays only
  11. Yea but all those that go on holiday with out a caravan and travel back in their cars or on their bikes will get caught up in all that traffic. :iroc:
  12. between 2am and 6 am on Sundays only
  13. Oh lol thats better.
  14. Agree with 4to8, otherwise ban all tin tents and keep the roads free (especially on Friday afternoon)
  15. Shoot all caravan owners and dont allow them into any national parks particularly when i'm trying to get to a crag to climb!! :D
  16. I rest my case! Keep them in France - that way the only people you upset are the French ... Oh and learn to tow them like the Dutch ... at Mach 3 in the outside lane on the motorways!
  17. come in a bit late on this one.
    yeah yeah, heard all the keep caravans off the road garbage before.
    its the old routine, if you do something do the bas***d properly.
    do not hold up other traffic (pull over if you have a queue behind you)
    you can drive over 40 miles per hour on dual carraigeways/motorways, conditions permitting,its those bu****s that get all caravanners a bad name.
    we have towed all over uk and most of europe. now live in france where , we must admit, the roads are better suited.
    still enjoy getting out there and meeting other campers.
    don't knock it until you have tried it
  18. As some one who tows a caravan with a camper van, it's the bl**dy w*nkers in cars that keep holding us up. Should be banned from the road completely and let us decent folk enjoy our holidays.
  19. If the cars in question are Daihatsu's then the drivers are over 90 years old and need culling, if it's me it's sweet revenge :evil:
  20. I often wonder if caravan towers are perpetually surprised at how clear the roads front of them :frustrated:

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