Car Transporter on its side in the Solent

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by MG Maniac, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Seems all is on the move in the Solent. The "Hoegh Osaka" carrying one RR Silver Wraith, 1200 Jags 65 mini's and 100 odd JCB's was "beached" on Brambles Bank just off Southampton Water on Saturday to prevent it capsizing after it developed a severe list... and there it stayed however ....

    Salvers boarded her on Monday and there were no plans to re-float her due to deteriorating weather conditions but the ship obviously had other ideas and floated off herself at high tide this afternoon ... presently under tow to Spitbank ... with a 65 degree list ...and its gusting Force 7 - 8 out there at the moment. Bet they're glad they don't have to try to get it through the round tower!
  2. Well she was a RO RO. (Roll on,roll over...);)I'll get me coat..
  3. Seen from Cowes at about 1030 today. MGM, is your motor on the uphill or downhill side? 2015 Hoegh Osaka 4.jpg
  4. Given the state of the Island Roads this morning could do with one of the Landies or a JCB!

    Whats more interesting is that word is all the vehicles on board will be scrapped in line with a similar event in Indonesia where a transporter carrying shed loads of Toyota's went over ... all the cars were recovered intact and undamaged however Toyota scrapped the lot due to the fact that if an accident had happened and it had been one of the ones on board then they would have got the arse sued off them ... in that case anyone in the market for 1 x Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, 1200 Jags / Range Rovers plus 100 plus JCB diggers all going cheap????
  5. Put me down for one of the Jags - payment by credit card OK?
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    Interesting that this needed to be re-iterated. Wonder if there's a sub-text?

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