car situation when entering training?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Hi there, I've currently sent off my application form last tuesday and are just waiting back for a test date, would you say id expect a letter nxt week with a test date on or the week after?

    also the main question :), if you're a driver and you get accepted, can you have you car at HMS Raleigh when you do your basic training, ie drive straight there to start you training and leave you car there when on a operation.

    Do you have a specific garage or is there a massive car park?


    Ben Wood
  2. I don't know about Raleigh, but it was very useful at Dartmouth as a place to store extra or dirty kit...!
  3. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Ben, you won't be allowed to have your car with you for phase 1 training.
  4. Seriosuly, during the first bits of your training you won't have time to use it anyway, as the only times you will be ashore you will be too drunk to drive... :lol:
  5. right no worries ive got that

    i was a bit unsure at to whether you could have anyway, especially during phase 1 training, seems i cant then:p

    ill have to get the train to hms raleigh when i get accecpted to go there!

    leave you in the sugar a bit dosent, it aswell as losing all your 'civvy' streaks you look your travel independence awell when training, oh well that wont bother me i'll knucle down. :)

    does anybody know the date to which i should get my test dates?

    im sure nobody knows excactly but a rough guess would help, sent back to them this tuesday just gone, so can i expect a letter with my aptitude test dates on say next week or will it be week after?


    Ben W
  6. I wouldn't bank on even getting test dates within a couple of weeks - forces careers offices are infamously slow.

    You will be provided with a rail warrant to get to Raleigh so travelling there will cost you nothing.
  7. right yer, you don't think i should give the afco a phone do you say by the end of next week asking about test dates?

    i am very keen as you can probably tell, surley they won't think im annoying them or they won't put be furthur down in the pile because i keep ringing them up?


    Ben W
  8. Ben
    Don't worry about test dates. Use the time to revise basic English and Maths skills :smile:
  9. I had my car at Raleigh, due to the fact the whole country was flooded out when I came back from compasionate weekend leave and the trains were knackered. Great place to hide dirty kit, mobile phone, listen to the match on the radio, etc
  10. lol Total opposite to me!

    I nail the English and Maths practice tests but perform crap on the Mechanical Comprehension :sad:

    Oh well, might have to go in as something else other than an Engineer :sad:

    Good luck by the way Ben!

    I'm putting my application in next week so we'll be able to update each other on our progress as we're going to be at the same stages around the same times, should we get to each stage of course! :razz:
  11. You are going in as engineer's?????????
    Greenie's or Reddie,s you had better be prepared. In my day we had NAMET, basic maths & ENGLISH, If you could'nt pass that above that 5/4 you became something else. STOP TEXTING> LEARN HOW TO SPELL
    Sorry lads Its the Truth
  12. Huh?

    Are you talking to me?

    I only ask because you've pointed out I type in text-speak when in actuality I'm greatly revered on these boards for being the most consistent speller and grammatically correct!

    Sorry if you meant somebody else! - It just looks like you were referring to me! :???:

    If you were, yes I definitely want to go in as an Engineer. A Weapons Engineer Submariner to be precise! :wink:
  13. Forget you have a car.
    Forget you have a life.
    You're in the Navy, not just a job, it's a ball ache
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    How helpful.....
  15. Very inspiring to young recruits wishing to join Lingyai!
  16. Creddly - I see you mentioned you want to be a weapons engineer submariner - have you decided on the officer route now? Or did you mean ET(WESM) ?
  17. Lings right when you join you give up a lot of personal freedoms thats the way it is end of dit. Do you want to spoonfeed them and hold their hands ? Tell them the truth and if they dont like it they wont join , no great loss in my book. The mob is not a democracy it is there to ensure the rights and freedom of everyone else. The minority have and will always protect the rights of the majority and to do that they willingly give up some of those rights.
  18. Don't give me any of that, I used to train recruits. One of the main weapons in your arsenal (and you will need to be proficient with it) is a sense of humour.
    There are some good times to be had in the RN, but rest assured you will probably spend 80% of your time dripping about it as well, anyone that tells you different has probably been outside too long.
  19. LOL I face the difficult task of getting in as a rating so I think the Officer route is an impossibility!

    I understand that the Navy or any other Armed force isn't as glamorous as the promotional literature make out on times and there are many circumstances where it can be quite boring or downright crap.

    But Ling put this point across in the wrong manner by saying it's entirely a ball-ache. If it was completely insipid nobody would last after joining!

    I'm lucky I'm not one of the people put off by this and no matter what anyone on this website says - I'm applying for the Mob and praying every day that I get in.

    I have a good sense of humour and as I've said above, nothing will put me off. - It's just a lot of newbies who come on this site might read that and ultimately be put off!

    Cmon Ling - You can't say that people are going to dislike their role within the Navy 80% of the time?

    Everybody is different :grin:
  20. No but you will drip most of the time, it isn't in your nature yet, but it will be. Trust me.
    I dripped a lot too, but I loved it really. I would still be in today if the money wasn't so crap and there was a decent chance of advancement, but alas in my branch (WE) I would have ended up behind a desk, in that case why be in the Navy?

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