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Apologies if I have put this in the wrong section but I can't find a general sub category!

Every time I put in Royal Navy as an occupation it comes back with please ring us for more information. I'm assuming its because it won't be parked at home overnight as such.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

If you wait until you have joined, you might be able to insure your car via one of the insurance companies which specialise in products for the Armed Forces, such as this one.

Military Car Insurance | Forces Financial

In the meantime, it might be best for you to enter something under profession which applies now, today, just to avoid any arguments with the insurers about your occupation, just in case a claim needs to be made.


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You might even find that insurance companies you'd think would cover you like a shot, won't. For example the Royal British Legion insurance agent would not quote me for cover when I was in.My cover dropped by £100 when I moved out of COLLINGRAD. When I moved to living out I phoned Direct Line and got chatting to the lady. Turns out her son is a baby tiff on course at SULTAN where I'm now working, and that I was a bad actuarial risk because:1 - If you're on a base they assume there are aircraft there, and they don't want you crashing into them OPDEFFing them. Hence cost.2 - If you're officer, they assume you drive like a lunatic and are, yet again, higher actuarial risk. Hence cost. All rubbish I know, but they quote from the actuarial rates supplied, and if 'it's computer says no', then you're boned.I got into the habit of saying I worked for the 'government' as a 'teacher'...
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