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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Lingyai, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Might need to hire a car in the UK soon, anyone got any ideas of who is a god firm and who is to be avoided? Need one for about a wek to 10 days.
  2. Mate I used 1car1 last time I was back in the UK no problems at all
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  4. sgtpepperband

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    I have used dozens of national car hire firms, but by far the best I have used is 1-Car-1:

    Cheap, reliable, good service, Forces-friendly, nationwide offices. Cannot fault them (would raher use them over other larger - more 'popular' - companies).

  5. One thing hiring a car that you really should do.
    We all have cameras in our phones now, take photos of the car in the compound 'before' you drive it away, especially if there is a scratch on it.
    There has been a lot lately of cars hire companies saying you did the damage that was already there and not returning your deposit.

    Even if it is a good and trustworty company, I would still take some photos to be on the safe side.
  6. Try
    Most of the cars are from Europcar or Avis and you pick them up from convenient points.
    There are no catches and the prices are pretty fair.
    Bom Ruta
  7. Would think you have sussed out car-hire package deal with airline you a travelling with, Ive had some good discounted deals with Royal Thai and Kenwood though I think they use Hertz now.

  8. Cheers Brethren,
    This will help me make an informed decision, Europcar is looking favourite at the moment. Nice one.
  9. Not sure about Car Hire Ling, but just wanted to say its nice to see you back here mate :)
  10. Cheers Bro, it's been a while, just got back to BKK but will visit Blighty next week to see what I am missing and see if Mrs Ling likes it there.
  11. Ling I have used enterprise last couple of trips and found them good
  12. Cheers mate
  13. I recently hired a car in London and did the booking through one of the many 'we're cheapest' companies on the web. Stick to the major suppliers, and watch out for the 'to good to be true' offers as they are the ones that make their profit by charging your credit card later for repairs etc. Easy Car hire fell into this category a bit back but may be OK now as Stellios tends to dislike bad publicity and clean up the act if he gets it. Always check the car over well when you hire it and try to avoid handing itback when the office is closed, if they have checked it when you return it is much easier to avoid the 'extra' charges later. Always be wary, even the big boys have been known to send cars out with empty tanks when they should be full, and to have not recorded damage when you pick up the car.

    If you are picking up or dropping of at an airport check exactly where the depot is, some are not as close as you may think

    Good luck and enjoy
  14. Agree with above ----- sometimes your better to use the bigger boys I use Hertz -------they give you the car and a form to sign that has a detailed
    section on state of the car ie knocks and scrapes make sure you fill it in and keep the duplicate copy after signing.
    Gatwick has a North and South collection /return point try to get the same
    one when you return the car.
    Also check mileage use --the unlimited mileage is sometimes not quite that and the penalties are a bit costly.

    Have a nice holiday anyway ----- bring the wanchai burbs and wooly knickers . :bball:

    :nemo: :nemo:
  15. That's some good advice there guys, thanks, I will most certainly be taking photos of the vehicle before I take it, to stop any of their old nonsense when I return it. Wanchai burbs and wooly knicks are packed......... Ling incoming.
    I hope the car hire firms have a 3 wheeler Derek Trotter car for me.
  16. I've used Europcar and Enterprise for quite a number of years now with no complaints. I think it's worth using one of the bigger outlets as they tend to be in a lot more places in case of anything cropping up.
    Photos of the vehicle before and after are a must for peace of mind - had it once when I was to be billed for damage, as soon as I mentioned I had photos of the car the matter was dropped.
    Hope this helps Lingyai.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Lingy, if you haven't driven in the UK for a couple of years here's a heads up:

    1. You are a moving tax machine for the Goverment.
    2. Fuel is £1.06 per litre
    3. Speed cameras are everywhere, including nice little "avarage speed" one's that moniter you over a few miles.
    4. Talking on your mobile whilest driving = £60 and 3 point.
    5. If you leave the engine running whilst the car is unattended you are breaking the law and can be fined.
    6. Buses have cameras (bus lanes)
    7. Councils have "camera partnerships" which means mobile vans and cameras.
    8. Traffic wardens have been replaced by council run parking attendants/enforces, they are mainly foriegn and issue tickets on a "bonus" related basis.....park to far from the kerb and can be fined.

    I'm sure there are plenty more, just be careful, You are seen as a moving cash point if you drive in the UK.
  18. If your driving on a UK licence you need the green paper bit as well as the pink bit.
    They can give you clearance by phoning DVLA. You pay for the call.
    Also depending on time of arrival DVLA maybe shut.
  19. They have average speed cameras now????? That is the stuff of nightmares, guess I will have to drive pretty slow then :toilet:
  20. Average speed cameras are most likely SPECS, you will most likely see the ones on the M6 if you drive North/South.


    also see the association of British drivers location database.

    and for more fun stories.....

    Of course, if you are on a "foreign" license you will probably get a fine passed on via the rental company (credit card on file), but they rarely chase you for points (EU license) unless its extreme and you have committed other offences, or say you pass a mobile setup with chase bikes hanging around, but hey, in France they frogmarch (sic) you to an ATM and make you cough up on the spot or its a weekend in cells. Mind how you go.....

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