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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Standard_Bearer, May 14, 2007.

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  1. A few weeks ago it was forecast that unleaded petrol would cost £1 a litre. in the last 3 weeks petrol and diesel have gone up by 5p a litre. Was it the fuel cartel that made the forecast :?: Did they do it for more profits and more money for the chancellor :?:
    Thanks to Shrub and his puppy Bliar we are getting hammered for having the privilege of driving.
    I have to drive to work because I start at a time when the bus drivers are just getting out of bed. I have to drive to the railway station to go on holiday because our local station has gone. The nearest airport is 30 miles away I have to drive to get there.
    Yet the yanks get their fuel for next to nothing. I read in Saturdays D/Mail if the worlds population consumed oil at the rate the yanks do the production of oil would have to be 450 milllion barrels a day not 86 million.

  2. BP don't even bother to hide their price increases, increased to 96.9 - anyone wondered how they get a .9p ?
    And no matter how careful you are in filling your tank it always ends up as a round penny.. !? :?

    BP = British Petroleum = Bleed the Public :wink:
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's called 'price rhetoric' - 96.9p sounds less than 97p so people will be more inclined to buy the cheaper option. Much like £9.99 sounds a lot cheaper than £10!
  4. Our local ASDA is usually the cheapest, it went up last monday & again on friday.
  5. If I remember a few years ago, when fuel prices started to rise to the 80 add pence per litre mark, there was outrage and demonstrations all over.
    Now it seems we can just moan and nothing gets done!! What's happened to all the truckers/drivers threatening road blockages and the like?? Times they are a changing.......
  6. My local ASDA are currently putting the price up 1p a week at least. Went in today, Diesel was 94.9p / litre - not sure what it will be tonight on way home though
  7. Two topups in less than a week 8O - you're either a travelling salesman or you have a very thirsty car !?
  8. Unleaded.....96.9

    But that was this morning....God knows what it will be on the way home tonight!!!! :evil:
  9. I can still get supermarket stuff for 92.9, but it is getting more difficult to find now. I have even seen places where they are charging more for unleaded than deisel.
  10. Yes and it wrecks your car :lol: :lol:
  11. Ahhhhhhh! The wonderful days of Esso Golden for 4/10d a GALLON :cry: :D
  12. You must be older than me. I always remember it costing five bob. however that was for two stroke.
  13. The last excuse I heard for the price of oil increasing was a result of Iran snaffling CORNWALL's boarding party. The Market was nervous that someone would do something to kick a new war or a new set of sanctions off. The incident came and went but the price of crude went up anyway. Add to this oil workers being kidnapped off Nigeria and the US leaning on Venezuela and the opportunity to charge more for oil is enormous. The oil business even has ways of sodding itself up with cold fracture pipelines and refinery down time; eg

    Oil companies are in a great position as they own the oil they extract. They benefit from high prices and so do the Governments that draw revenue from it. The cynics could suggest that the Bush family have made a fortune out of the increase in oil prices resulting from the disruption to supplies caused by TELIC.
  14. I normally pay around 24p a litre; then I come home, fill the car and weep!!

  15. It is now an offence to blockade a petrol refinery, that is why the fuel blockades will NEVER happen again.

    I believe it is also an offence to use your vehicle to block the road (borne from the fuel protests of a few years ago with rolling road blocks at slow speed).

    I am getting p*ssed off seeing the price go up all the time. Less than 5 years ago a garage closed in Norwich. The signs were ripped down 2 months ago. Less than 5 years ago diesel was 68.9p per litre.
  16. I've been using Red Diesel for 2 years now. It saves me lots of cash.
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Just reached the dizzy heights of 106.7 per litre here, by the way that's $1.067CAD at $2.20CAD per UK Pound or in otherwords a princely 48.5 pence per litre!
  18. Everytime I fly back to the UK from Dublin it costs more through that Browne so called green tax!!! Carbon imprint bollocks!! If they are that concerned why give the go ahead for more runways. More runways=more aircraft=more passengers=more green tax.

    Liverpool airport used to advertise the flight prices stating "plus a unfair govt airport tax" for short haul flights. Not these days!! Methinks they have had a great injection of govt cash and been told to button the gob.
  19. My lpg only cost 37.9 a litre - makes me smile every time i top up. 600 miles on £30.
  20. momo, wait until more people have paid for the conversion and watch the tax suddenly increase. Remember the big push towards using diesel donks? Nothing like a captive market, is there.

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