Car damaged on base

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Ash891, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. Hi,

    My car along with a few others were vandalised recently (ie keyed) overnight whilst parked on base.

    The regs are looking into it, I find it unlikely they'll be able to catch the idiot who done it due to the lack of cctv on the car park.

    Does anybody know how I would go about getting reimbursed for the cost of repairs?

    I'm not even sure it's possible, but a few people have mentioned to me that it's an avenue to explore as my property should be safe whilst parked on a military base.

  2. You'll have to contact your insurers and let them know what has happened and let them do the chasing on that one. Unfortunately, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to claim anything back from the Naval Base unless you can prove wilful negligence on their part.
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  3. I think insurance is out of the question due to my £650 excess, unless it isn't paid on this type of claim?
  4. Do you not park at your own risk?
  5. These things happen Ash, a lot worse will no doubt come your way in the future, your a matelot so you can deal with it mate, as you will have to on all other occasions in your long & lusty life. Sorry to hear about your motor though.
  6. £650 excess, thats more than my car is worth haha. Sorry to hear it happened, mine got smashed in in my works car park and nought could be done- which sucked! Lets hope that karma finds its merry way to the phantom keyer, and/or they get caught very soon.
  7. This is what I'm unsure on. There's no signs to say this and we were briefed that cameras cover the carpark, which is apparently not true.
  8. Parking on government property has always been at owners risk.
    At Lossiemouth in the 60s an MT Wren driver crashed a pussers tilly into a can owned by one of the chiefs.
    he was told that he could claim on his own insurance so threatened to troop the till driver. The MT occifer then told him that the station garage would carry out the repair to his vehicle at no charge.
    He was lucky (so was the Wren):)
  9. I can't see pusser paying out for this, as far as I'm aware its all at your own risk. If you parked in Tesco car park and they didn't have CCTV I wouldn't expect Tesco to shell out.
  10. Two of us had our doors dinged in Culdrose a couple of years ago, we were basically told: "Unlucky." It's no different to this happening outside the wire.
  11. Get a couple of quotes to get the repair done. Select one, get it done and pay yourself. Getting any work done through your insurance can be protracted and frustrating and end up blighting your future insurance quotes. I know it sticks in the throat but in the long run it is better a)for your sanity and b) your future bank balance.
  12. Key the other side so it matches, act like they are go fast stripes.

    Job done.
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  13. When I was living in at HMS Cambridge my car was in one of the garages behind the SRs accommodation.
    I inquired of my insurance company if there was a possibility of a discount on my premium since my car was normally parked in a locked garage on a remote headland with only one access by road inside a secure compound with an alarmed fence covered by CCTV which was regularly patrolled by armed service personnel and armed MoD Police.

    Computer said no. :(
  14. Problem with Cambridge was the footpaths through the middle of the camp.

    Sorry about your car but most above have said what you will find out, if you want the scratches fixed then it's your cost unless the Reggies find a culprit
  15. Sumo, I had four drafts to Cambridge. The occasion I'm referring to was in the '90s after the public footpath was re-routed, (which I was told required an act of Parliament or something), and the whole of "Top Camp" comprising the admin and accommodation was surrounded by a security fence which was alarmed, patrolled etc.

    I wasn't really expecting a discount on my premium, just highlighting the absurdity of the parameters insurance companies use when caculating premiums.
  16. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Normally they put the premium up when you tell them it is on a Mod Base. Told me that it is because we go away a lot and therefore drive in different countries. As if we all take our car on a deployment. Strangely enough I didn't use that company.
  17. You normally can't move in the hanger for 3 series BMWs and Vauxhall Corsas
  18. Got quoted £1,200 to fix! You can't have anything nice these days..
  19. You can have my whole car for a grand
  20. Sadly bodywork is one of those things where you really do get what you pay for. On the upside looking at your name your a 23 year old matelot and therefore your never more than 20 mins away from rapping it on your way up the line anyway :D

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