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I started this over on ARRSE, but I don't see why they should get all the fun. Crack on and fire for Effect!


Doh!! I asked to be photographed with real soldiers!


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"So Sir, if you would like to collect your gear and follow us, you can see what life on the front line is really like..."

" *to aide* Can we get Whitehall on the phone? Well, damn well order them to pick up and create a crisis so I have to return to the UK... sharpish!"
DC: ''Oh God, not another middle ranking underpant from the RAF, this is going to be fucking dull. If I have to hear one more gash dit involving Spitfires, labradors with politically incorrect names or polyester, I'll fucking chin the cunt, no really I will.''
Yes, yes. I've got that bit. The barrier goes up and cars go through, the barrier comes down and cars stop.

What I asked is "where IS my fucking car"!!!
Fugg me they've got girly sailors doing flagless semaphore as well, I've got a lob on now.
That bastard Kim Il Jong's master plan is now clear, induce surrender by promising night's of pleasure with winsome asian splits who turn out to be DPRK Bootnecks with meat cleavers. What an utter twunt.
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