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sgtpepperband said:
RC:...the thing is, he sent me a couple of you too:


Can't believe thats our Rosie , she's much cuter than that , imagine her in them shoe's , mmmmmmmm , 8O


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rosinacarley said:
sgtpepperband said:
Just playing by the rules of 'Diamond Lil's'... :wink:
Well if that is the case ..... once again may I ask you if you had a nice time in Tiger Tiger the other night? :lol:
Well after queuing for ages in the rain to get in; getting frisked by an idiot gorilla at the door; paying a minor ransom to gain entry; then getting robbed again at the bar; getting attitude from the meathead drug dealers and ex-pro footballers who think they're something special; the tarts who talk to you but only trying to work out how many free drinks they can get from you; but that's if you can hear yourself thinking, as the different music from each bar is pumping out at different RPM, causing nausea and headaches (although that might have been the G&Ts); the feeling of apathy as you realise that the last time you went there you told yourself then that you'd never go back for the same reasons; trying to find the exit but ending up 10 steps back because the meatheads and tarts are barging past you as if they own the place; finally getting outside, only to be blown over by the minor tornado coming in from the harbour; wishing you'd gone to the casino again, as you're on a lucky streak (and they do free coffee); queuing for a taxi behind a load of gobby chav 15-year old tarts who couldn't get into any bars/clubs (I wonder why?!); realising that each taxi is taking one person home at a time, so you wait even longer; realising 'Fuck it, I'll walk home!' and try to keep warm with only a thin shirt and your beer jacket to keep you warm; an hour later shivering outside your door, hammering at the keyhole because you're shivering so much; finally making it into bed but getting MrsSPB's elbows jabbed in your ribs because you've woken her up...

Yeah, I had a great time... :roll:


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SPB, that description just about sums about Tiger Tiger. Its a craphouse without doubt. Overpriced drinks, mouthy slappers and in fact, full of all the people you described.

Taxi queues are a nightmare these days and full of beer bellied little chav tarts who think they can waltz to the front no problem - yeah right, you pompey mushbird slapper, go get another kebab.
Shakey said:

*Year's supply of casual sex strictly limited to availability.
"It was at this point that the management of Victorias' Secret realised that hiring Lyndie Englund and Sabrina Harmon as designers was probably a mistake."


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"The button on my right calls the wife when I've had enough, and the button on my left sends 5,000 volts through my bollocks....or is it the other way round?"


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No response to the one above. Try this.

"Says he's been here all night and he's followed through half a dozen times, so can y'get one of them specials to come here and cut the dumb twat out...over?"
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