Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by tinkerbelle, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. I asked a putative helicopter pilot at the FAA Royal Bun-fight what he thought his military prospects were.
    "Few" He wanted to train
    then leave at the best possible time and go private

    Are we spending a fortune thus?
  2. What has your post got to do with the thread title Norman?

    Edited to add I know exactly where this is heading :roll:
  3. Oh I agree it's a great idea to just abandon training any helicopter pilots at all, it's really expensive.

    Actually, so are ships, mostly, no need for them.

    Since we're on the subject, have you seen how expensive it is to train even a normal army private? 150 000, and we have 97 000 of them! Lets get rid of them too...

  4. I think I just saw Peter Pan pull up in a taxi..
  5. Nothing whatsoever--and who's Norman?
  6. Lost me, why be the author of a thread titled "Captains/Commodores" than cackle your fat about Woo petrol pigeon pilots then admit their not related :? 8O (Norman)
  7. I call troll.

    Can we have the exterminators in?
  8. I wasn't and they aren't-----
    cackling fat was never my strong point.
    The thread "Captains / Commodores" drew you toward it
  9. What's a "normal" army private? The ones I've encountered are worth every last penny we spend on training them.
    Can this be said of our Royal Nany helicopter pilots?

    Only having spoken to just two ---You may disregard--
    but both told me that apart from Navex and other execises they had only ever rescued overweight and foolish holidaymakers from our southwesternshores. A proper use of expensive Pussers Choppers?
  10. Concur
  11. Medication run out again has it troll boy.
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    tinkerbellend wrote

    and then pleaded ignorance. :roll:

    Of course it never occurs to Norman that his one pilot wasn't representative. (assuming Norman is telling the truth). As for prospects, WAFU world has created many naval stars. Norman was not one of them so he's bitter, twisted, jealous.

    NZB's sighting of abnormal norman confirmed. Air support has been summoned.
  13. You'm right me 'andsome
    Perspicacious?--Outstandingly so.
    The Devon verse still applies= Devon born and Devon bred
    Strong in the arm---Weak in the h...
  14. I'll take perspicacious as a compliment if it's directed at me, likewise if the devon reference is directed at me you're barking (literally) up the wrong tree. Not a Devon native, try again Norman
  15. Who's Norman?
  16. Well seeing as this topic is about Captains / Commodores I foe one was happy to see this made a substansive rank, after all it was only a way for pusser to get more responsibility for less money, could at least have made em Capt Scale A or Acting Local Admiral and just bin Commodore
  17. Quite!
    So intelligent life aboard RR hasn't died

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