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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by plymwebed, May 30, 2007.

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  1. The Commanding Officer of HMS Somerset, Cdr Rob Wilson, is writing a blog detailing the daily life of a Royal Navy captain. Go to blogspot to read it. The blog is also being hosted and promoted by The Herald at their blogs page.

    Also in today's Herald, two stories of fundraising from RN ships HMS Albion and HMS Campbeltown, details of the Plymouth Classic Boat Rally, details of a new ocean arts project to be held on plymouth's waterfront and the latest Falklands War commemoration story with a first-hand account of the sinking of HMS Coventry. Rea that at The Herald's Falkland's minisite
  2. Ahh the Somerset, according to a friend on there, its absolutely shite, and they are just coming out of refit.
  3. I want to know why the herald refuses to publish my "reader comments" unless I use my third email address? Bunch of twats
  4. I was on the Somerset up until mid '05 - she was a good ship and ships company then. A refit can't do THAT much damage!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I feel the two maybe connected.

    After having a marginally more relaxed period during refit, I have yet to hear anyone consider the steep "ramp-up" back to operational status, including all that involves, as "absolutely bloody spiffing"

    The sun goes up, the sun goes down.
  6. Bastards nicked my headline! Maybe Captain's blog was a bit obvious...

    There's one from Albion on the Pompey News blog section and there's one impending from the good ship Ark I believe.

    As Blogs go, the Somerset one is well presented and refreshingly honest (gapping, bumping his ship). I can't remember whether it's the same chap who was in charge of a Hunt and played his flute at its commissioning ceremony...
  7. Every ship coming out of refit is a bag of nails until it all gets sorted out, then it goes back into refit etc etc etc...
    Come on you boffins what was the name of the frigate (Leander) that came smartly out of refit and straight into a Torpoint ferry? Circa 1970's
  8. Scylla! Foggy day - Captain too keen to get back to sea.
    Funny as f*** listening to the dit from the PTI on fog lookout though.

  9. Yep! That's it..
    Spent many a happy slightly drunken evening in 2 Dock entrance on my Avatar imagining what could/did happen...
    I lie, they were more than slightly drunken evenings, but a bloody good time.
    Thank you.
  10. Yep, tis the same one - was the CO on LEDBURY. I spoke to him a few times due to work issues and he seemed a sound guy, pretty down to earth...
  11. We on the Cherry B (the sister ship) had a laugh, or three, about that.. until we had the ass end of a froggie frigate back into us in the Med on a towing exercise.

  12. We were only doing 2 knots, and, fairplay to the Skipper, the ferry is supposed to give way to ALL other harbour traffic. Living in Torpoint, I had crossed the river an hour or so before we slipped, and it was VERY thick.
    Newspaper reports said "Scylla struck the ferry a glancing blow" - which statement was accompanied by a piccie showing a large V shaped gash down to the water line. Thank God we didn't hit her full on then!!!!
    I've still got all the press cuttings from the incident and the subsequent Court Martial.
    Happy days!

  13. Of course there was the classic day14th June 1984 when another Leander Captain HMS Jupiter decided to lose his no claim bonus by smacking London Bridge. At one point he was laid along side the bridge across the river much to the amusement of the local, sympathetic, population crossing the bridge going about their daily toil.

    Could not find any pics on Google of the incident.

  14. Coincidentally, have just noticed another example of slight journalistic exaggeration - today's page of Radio Times 9.50 BBC2 - "Wild Dive"
    Quote - "The battleship HMS Scylla was sunk off the coast of Plymouth in 2002 etc.etc."
    Perhaps I'm being unfair to Journos (!) After nearly five years as a reef she may well have grown to the size of a battlewagon!!

  15. Be interesting to see what he says when something goes seriously wrong: even better to hear the Ships Company version of the same. Sounds like an anchor faced WARSHIP !
  16. I remember when on Broadsword we were doing Staff Sea Check with Glasgow, as per usual T22 nails it, unfortunately the pompey gash barge gets a round again off Fosties and to cap a real bad day promptly rams the jetty, oh we laughed heartily from the green shutters. 12 weeks at portland for them, hehehe.
  17. I have to say, I really like the blog - what a refreshing change to see a "warts and all" view of life as a CO, and this particular CO has a good turn of phrase and is clearly very fond of his ship and its crew. That said, this MUST have some sort of approval from on-high, so I'd love to know what the MoD PR guidance was on what could and could not be said.

    SOMERSET has been alongside Rosyth for many months when I popped into CALEDONIA to pick up my not-particularly-earned bounty, and I met a few of the guys who lived in up there a few times. Far from being a "shite ship", they all seem really happy and keen (officers and JRs - didn't see any SRs in the gym!) and looking forward to getting back in the fleet. But then we all know how Jack manks.

    And - if my white rat in the MCMV world is correct - it definitely wasn't LEDBURY CO who played the flute at a commissioning ceremony, it was RAMSEY's. Amazing how Rum Ration rumours start... toot toot etc

    Keep up the good work SOMERSET!
  18. I've got a mate on there as well, and he says that they're working their socks off with long hours and some bloody hard "curveballs" being thrown at them from shoreside, but overall it's a good and happy ship, with high morale on board.

    I also know they're all very glad to back in Guzz after so long in Scotland, apparently there's an RNR WAFU that used to ogle them in the gym! ;)
  19. Quite right. Here is that man (note the final paragraph), back from the Gulf and now the CO of PEMBROKE as the result of a 'ship swap' in theatre.

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