Captain Walker


War Hero
Hell of a find @janner
With that many girlies on the jetty, the boys were in for a good run ashore?

What a send off for the old man, that's what you call full military honors


War Hero
Dial a Sailor - been a beneficiary of that in the States, but Aus and NZ were by far the best - always remember we were in the Indonesian islands somewhere and got a call for 12 of us for a run ashore - boat in to beach, old army lorry picks us up and drives into the jungle for about an hour - a real life British Legion, Whatneys red barrel and all - all ex from the war that had married locals - surreal
Sydney. 1988. The Australian authorities decided that it would be a good idea to create 'Dial a Sailor'. There were that many women ringing up that the whole system crashed. @Joint_Force_Harrier might remember. :):)
I remember it well, I was Flight Deck Sentry first night in, the lads were simply getting picked up as they walked out of the dockyard (international quay) gates.

My Dial a Sailor experience was "2 Sailors required to attend a BBQ", me and my mate said, that'll do us. Popped into the office and volunteered, the lad in the office rang up and we were told to be at the gates in rig at a certain time (with swimming gear).

The day came and this top of the range car (cant remember what type) turned up and there was a middle aged lady (not bad looking and not the slimmest) told us to get in, "I shit you not" her name was Sheila. Went back to her place and there was quite a few people around the pool and her two daughters (again not the smallest) !!! It soon became apparent that this "Dial A Sailor" was the equivalent of prior to tinterweb!!!!

Anyway, the beer, rum and what ever else flowed and these two "Honeys" became more bearable, in fact rather attractive. As the night drew on the inevitable happened and we spent about a week there on and off. My mate fell for his honey and she flew over to Perth, I swerved mine*

*Where I work now there was a few Aussies and one of them had the same surname and was from the same town, after a bit of chatting I found out they were his cousins, proper Milfs now :(
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