Captain Dentist to Defence College


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jackspratthesecond said:
silverfox said:
Basra and Helmand Province ring any bells?
How many sailors or bootnecks needed their faces re-constructing there?None that I know of. If all service doctors and dentists are to act as one--Bravo--
Then they can wear one common uniform Khaki with an anchor to show they are RN. A wing for RAF and something else for the brown jobs

They do -its called CS95. And as for sailors and marines in operational theatres - well once again your childish view of what is happening in the real world exposes you for what you are. A rather sad old figure with no knowledge of current operations,who prefers to spout the same repetitive drivel behind a variety of names and when challenged retreats behind a very thin pseudo intellectual veneer.

You are to be pitied rather than mocked.

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