Captain Alfredo Ignacio Astiz - Promoted

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Bergen, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Anyone remember this "gentleman'? He led the first Buzo Tactico team into South Georgia which kicked-off the Falklands War. We eventually captured him and held him on Ascension until cessation of hostilities. Pity that he wasn't slotted.

    Even with the benefit of hindsight it is hard to imagine the long-term fate of the Bennies if the Brits hadn't retaken the Falklands. I do not think that there are many people in Britain who realised just how evil the Argentine Junta led by Galtieri was - as the boys headed south to kick ass and take names.

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  2. I was on Antelope in 82, we got half way from Ascension towards the FI then had to pick this chap up and take him back to Ascension. The CO was livid - still he got his 5 minutes eventually. He was put up in the SCOs cabin, I seem to remember some do good organisation coming onboard to check he had been fairly treated under the geneva convention
  3. Probably someone from the ICRC. The French were anxious to talk with Astiz about the disappearance of two French nuns [Alice Domon & Leonie Duquet]. Since then he has been found guilty of their murder In Absentia by the French. Astiz cannot leave Argentina because there are international arrest warrants for him.

    The Swedes also want him for the murder of a young 17 year old Swedish girl who disappeared with the nuns. The Argentines used to fly out into the Atlantic and hoof the victims out of aircraft. The body of one of the nuns washed up in Patagonia and had been buried in an unknown grave and it was only recently identified through DNA.

  4. i remember reading somewhere that he had or was going to be extradited to Spain for crimes against the missing 30000 ,He was the guy who signed the Surrender of south Goergia on the Plymouth
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    It was legally determined (by MoD lawyers) that as he was a PoW we could not hand him over to the Swedes. The law an ass, as usual.

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