Caps or Berets?

What do you prefer wearing?

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Having seen a number of people choose to wear berets when in No.3's, (No. 3C ?), it does strike me that one has a choice of headdress in a shore-establishment. So it does beggar the question, do you prefer wearing berets or caps and why?

I personally prefer the cap, because it instantly identifies me as a matelot rather than a bootie, pongo or brylcreem boy which all tend to favour the beret. But then again, can so many people be wrong?


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I used to wear my cap. The beret was useful when wearing No 8s but I preferred my working cap which was comfortable and well worn.


I always wore my cap when i was a stores pomem as did most of my oppo's but since being in Faslane I opted for the beret option due to getting totally peed off with chasing my cap down the road ways.
But I will return to the cap option when i fly to the med to join my neuvaux bataux at the end of april
Doesn't Daily Orders still exist issued by the Base/Ship XO, and would this not state what the rig of the day was ?

After they issued berets to the RN in the 70s (they only suit squaddies & booties really ) caps were only worn when in Nos 1 / 2s, and berets were only used when in dockyard areas in AWD, never outside the yard gates.

From what I have read on various threads here, it seems the current day jack wears what he wants when he wants :???:


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I think it might help matters if the question of whether a beret is really more advantageous to a cap onboard a ship was brought to the fore. I can see why a squaddie or a royal would prefer one, as these sorts tend to switch between helmets and more comfortable headdress in the field, a beret can be folded and stowed away with ease. But is this really neccessary at sea?

The only persons aboard who could possibly benefit from a beret are the fleet air arm, who when taking off their flying helmets would need to replace it with something else. But then again, should they really be wearing headdress on the flight deck?
Surely the only headgear worn at sea would be the flightdeck bonnets for the use with the deck loop comms system and uniform caps/berets only when Captains / Night rounds / being trooped at the table / or upon entering harbour ?

Personnaly I preferred berets when humping & dumping stores.


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You can put your Beret in your foulie jacket pocket.

That way no thieving matelot git can nick it/get confused outside the dining room in the mess!!!!!!!!!!