Capital punishment - would you pull the lever or....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. If capital punishment was reintroduced, would you be prepared to pull the lever, press the button for the lethal injection, shave the head and flick the lever to electrocute, Lock 'n' load "Fire" the bullet??

    I would be prepared to lethal inject a person, not so sure about the other methods though.
    Now dont get peeved at me, just askin! :eye:
  2. Funny this should come up - over lunch I and some colleagues mentioned the number of recent multiple murders who have been sent down and we were wondering whether the topic of capital punishment for particular categories of murder would come back into the media (e.g. today's murderer who killed his ex- and her two kids).
  3. Am asking the question that IF capital punishment was brought back (never mind the offence) Would you do the deed to the 'guilty' one?

    I would set off the lethal injection machine, not so sure about the others though!
  4. 12 gauge shotgun loaded with "triple ought" shot, side of head (theirs :lol:) endex.

  5. Did anyone see the documentary with Michael Portillo where he was trying to find a painless way of executing people?

    Back to the topic, I dont think I'd be too up for it, but flicking the switch seems to be the easiest one for me.
  6. All and any of the above appropriate if 110% sure accused is guilty and verdict not reached due to corruption.Method of death not relevant- if crime premeditated.

    What about keeping someone alive as better punishment.....make it long, drawn out and ensure subject finds no-one and nothing safe......

    ie : General population for kiddy-fiddlers.
    or 30 years Solitary Confinement

    Then no-one need take responsibility for shooting, hanging or injecting and responsibility stay on the head of those to whom it belongs.
  7. So which one of you has never paid cash directly to avoid VAT, or not, prior to 2000, practiced your archery skills after (compulsory attendence at) Church? How many of you have shaved, for example - a prohibited act in the Bible? :biggrin:

    Looks like they'll be no takers then! :roll:
  8. Didn't know not doing them was a death sentence...... got my sons archery kit to look for now!
  9. If it had been proven without reasonable doubt that the individual had committed the crime (as in the case of the moors murderers and others) I would be prepared to do the deed, but only if the famly of those who had lost loved ones agreed, and then only if they had turned down the chance to end the killers life personnally.
  10. ...Last in Saudi, does it not ?
  11. At last something we can learn from Islam
  12. I would do the lethal injection , not sure about the others though , some right evil bastards out there who deserve everything they get . fxxxxxxxxg scum of the Earth .
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    In answer to the question, no I wouldn't do it. Despite rumours about my job I am not God, so would not want the moral responsiblilty of taking away another person's life s part of the judicial process.

    Casualties involving combatants in battle is one thing; killing someone for retribution is another.
  14. onNa, I'm with SPB .....
  15. thought I "ticked the [Quote the last message] box, anyway SPB's post spoke volumes.

  16. Mother put that rock down :dwarf:
  17. The Victim was found in the early hours of the morning by a man walking his dog along the Grand Canal in Dublin. He died from a shotgun blast just behind his left ear.

    Have you ever seen a head after a shotgun blast! Left ear found on far bank!!

    A meeting of the Dublin Council recently it was suggested putting Gondola's on the Grand Canal similar to Venice.

    A local councillor stated that is fine but who will feed them!!!!!!!!

    I would gladly inject with a rusty needle into my brothers neighbours arm after the scumbag had his gutters renewed by travellers on the day of his wifes funeral. TAWT!!!!!!!!!!

    Better still pop him on old smokey make him dance a while!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Nope.
  19. I would if the crime was relating to me and my friends / family. If it related to someone else then it wouldn't be my duty to do that.
  20. There's a book out there by some bloke called Sid Dearnley, 'A Hangman's Tale' I think it's called. Very interesting reading about hanging in Britain in the 50's and 60's. He used to help Pierrepoint out. Judicial excution in Britain was nothing like the media would have you believe it was like.

    Anyway as for pulling the lever - I would. Same as I'd point a SA80 at someone and fire that off if I had to. The person pulling the lever is just as much as part of the machinery of the State as the judge who passed the sentence, the barrister who prosecuted the case, the prison officers who kept the accused in custody etc. etc.

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