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Capital Punishment Type

As in a previous thread
Portillo examining different efficient ways
Hanging may cause pain
Electrocution does some times take twelve minutes
Lethal injection dirty needles and takes twelve minutes

So what, why worry if they suffer, they caused others to suffer

So what is wrong with the instantaneous
12 gauge shotgun loaded with "triple ought" shot, side of head (theirs :lol:) endex. (CUT AND PASTED FROM PREVIOUS THREAD)
I believe this would be instantaneos. job done

Also yes I would pull the trigger, no qualms about it
Retribution in the afterlife no crap, what afterlife, when yer dead yer dead

Now a joke

Tom a transport worker goes from Birmingham UK to America
he gets a job on the buses collectiing the fares
He delights in waiting for someone to run for the bus and just before they reach it he rings the bell and the bus takes off
One day a little old lady almost makes it grabs the door as he dings the bell and she goes under the wheels deed I tell yer deed
He is charged with murder and in USA he is sentenced to the electric chair

He is given a last request and asks for a bannana, they throw the switch and nothing happens
A week later they try again
Last request he asks for a bannana, they throw the switch and nothing happens
At the third attempt
he again asks for a bannana and again nothing happens and he is told that in the USA after three attempts he is free to go
The executioner has a word with him and asks is it the bannana
He replies
No it is just I am a bad Conductor
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