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I'll probably get shouted at if I were to pass comment on this marvelous company.

They currently manage RN/RM/RAF medicals, much the same as Army recruitment.


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Just the medical? It sounds on the Pongo website as if they have entirely taken over the AFCOs.


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Just the medical? It sounds on the Pongo website as if they have entirely taken over the AFCOs.
Yep, they have from an Army perspective. Doubtless the tumour will spread across the entire recruitment element of the public sector.


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Capita - what a shower. Sending a doc (and I use that term very loosely) from Plymouth to Yorkshire everyday to do medicals. Only seems to have a very basic understanding of English, can't use half the equipment, medicals running hours late.

Not good at all. Our TMU rate has gone through the roof.


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Our TMU rate has gone through the roof.
Yep, that is reflected nationally, but to be completely fair, the transfer of the medical contract coincided with a marked change in the way medical standards for entry are applied.

For the first three months of the contract there was barely a single TMU. But with the turning of the screw, they shot through the roof and about a third of candidates are now made TMU - adding an average of 4 or 5 months to the selection process timescale.
I can't understand why Crapita keep getting government contracts to be honest, they've completely buggered up the Interpreters contracts for the courts and, as a result, the budget for them is at breaking point. Granted that this particular example was government led, but also back in January of this year, they were telling people to leave the country as they had no valid visas. All very well, but they were also telling some individuals this information when they actually held a valid passport! They've also lurched from disaster to disaster in local councils, especially Harrow and for them to have been given a contract by the MoD to do any form of work, knowing full well how desperately bad their reputation is for providing the services required, well it beggars belief. I might get shouted at for this, but for Capita to have been given any work at all is very fishy indeed. If the lower decks can see this, why the hell couldn't those higher up the feeding chain see this as well? I do blame their employees to an extent, the hours that they work and agree to is their fault (0730 - 1930 most days at £28k per year), however the problems are clearly higher up the management chain. In all honesty, the MoD should cut their losses with Capita now and just get rid of them. The old system worked.

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Got a funny idea this lot has just got the Prison Health Care portfolio ... local NHS Trust used to look after the local Nick over the road ... then it went out to tender and I think this lot won the contract. Needless to say local Prison Healthcare Staff not happy with it all (thats the ones who lept their jobs) as they are a right bunch of 5 fingered shufflers!


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Sorry to be sharp, but I suspect that the individual your are talking about has a medical degree, followed up with either a post graduate qualification as a GP or Occupational Medicine, plus is able to maintain professional registration with the General Medical Council and pass revalidation every 5 years to keep that registration.

Maybe you could furnish RR with your medical qualifications that you can use to qualify your comments above!!!

TMUs are there for a reason, the alternative would not be very popular!!!


Capita have been the go ahead for PIP medicals as well but haven't met the DWP's targets for their reports. Not a single doctor has reached the standard yet.

On the other hand they do employ good interpreters at our courts. Even if they do turn up 5 mins before.
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TMUs are there for a reason, the alternative would not be very popular!!!
They're certainly better than Medical Discharge from initial training and if they have correspondingly reduced, inline with the increase of delays and knee jerk appeals prior to entry, then it's a saving on several levels.



Training irrelevant. They are civvy doctors who have been given a copy of JSP346 and told to get on with it. Why Service MOs weren't asked to get involved is beyond me. DMS20 kept occ med for God knows what reason as it is now the sole non-deployable specialty. They can therefore either get more involved in recruitment medicals or accept that any Service doc could probably do as good a job. Post-general duties docs are all over the country in specialist training programmes. They are all more than capable of performing entry medicals. The paperwork could be run past an occ med type if that would keep them happy.

I think it is amazing that, with one hand, occ med states it is indispensable but on the other hand outsources a significant chunk of its work to the private sector. I wonder if the fact that the RNMS is largely run by occ med could have anything to do with it. Hmmm.


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One of our Docs applied to undertake medicals on behalf of capita - they declined when they saw that they would be paid £15.00 an hour less than a locum. Says a lot about the calibre of doc they use eh?

I've heard of far too many instances whereby people have been d*cked about by incompetent Capita doctors while going through an already overly complicated and difficult recruitment system. We had four instances in over a month whereby our applicants were rated TMU because the doc couldn't work the hearing test kit. The doc claimed that it wasn't working but the apparent obvious confusion on her face while trying to work it and the fact that the machine was apparently U/S for over a month tells me otherwise.

They told one of our applicants to have their ears syringed. They booked in to their doctors and were told they didn't need doing. Another three month wait for another appointment.

Appointments running two to three hours behind schedule when people have paid for transport, parking and taken time off work etc based on the info provided.

All this tells me that medicals should be handed over to the RN/RNR doctors.


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I really do dislike Capita bashing, which seems to be the vein here. A few facts for consumption, comment further if you must.

1. AD's comment about Occ Med etc, I cannot respond. However, the contract awarded to Capita came about not due to the RN, but from the Cabinet Office, who decreed that the previous 50'ish individual contracts for AFCO MEs were not competitive and were not to continue. The result is a single agreement with the RN/RAF and a contractor. It is extremely unlikely that the Service will ever undertake these medicals, and even testing the grey cells, cannot recall them being done so (apologies if this a stray observation)

2. The RNMS doesn't have the numbers to undertake the medicals required (in excess of 10,000 per year) alongside the usual work required. Additionally, they are not trained to apply the usual medical standards alongside the entry standards, which are a whole new ball game. There are frequent inquiries from serving medical officers who do not fully understand the reason an ACL repair, or repeated shoulder problem etc can't join.

3. The ME's are trained, not just handed the JSP 950 (previously the 346). They have copies of all of the relevant standards and are audited for a protracted period by the senior ME. Plus there are Service managers who have the weather eye on matters and take action when issues are brought to their attention.

4. Final fact - the rejection rate at Phase 1 establishments for medical is the lowest it has ever been, which is due to the scrutiny by the MEs, applying the standards as directed by the RN/RAF. Many of those 'lost' at this point have neglected to disclose something in the process, which would have otherwise seen them not progress.


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I'm loathe to bash Capita also. They may well be my future employer.

I think perhaps the point, as indicated earlier, is the medical standards are being more rigidly applied as directed to Capita, not by Capita on a whim.

Very often the perceived shortcomings of a poorly constructed contract (Army Recruitment, for example) misguided lay the blame at the contracted company rather than the contract itself.


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I don't know for sure but I'll sling my hat in the ring with 'Temporarily Medically Unfit'.

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