Does anyone know if Capita have moved offices? My GP sent medical notes as requested by Capita last week (Thursday) only for me to get a call from the practice to say that the letter had been returned to them because the addressee was no longer at the Coventry address. It was the address on the Capita letter the GP was advised to send the info! I have tried phoning a number I got off 118 but no answer and have only received a bounce back email to say they have received my email in which I am explaining my situation. Surely if they have moved they would have known about it more than 3 weeks ago when I received initial letter requesting medical information from GP and put alternative address on correspondence? I’m confused ‍♂️


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Because of the way in which Capita work (cough .... ), I would ring the main number which is advertised for Royal Navy Recruitment - 0345 607 5555 - tell them that the letter has been returned to sender and ask them for the correct address.

Let us know how you get on.
It would appear, having dug out a past email regarding medical info that the address on the letter sent to GP asking for details to be forwarded to them is different from the address at the bottom of the email. I shall phone tomorrow and ask which is the correct one? Both are Coventry addresses. My previous correspondence was sent in a pre addressed envelope so didn’t pay much attention to that one! Not very professional if they haven’t had the foresight to amand the information on the GP letters.

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