Capita Peak Flow Test

Hey everyone,

I am hoping to be joining the Royal Navy as a Submariner soon. I have passed my PJFT, Interview and psychometric tests.

Which lead to have my medical with Capita nearly 2 weeks ago. I have never been diagnosed with asthma or ever had breathing problems. On my medical records I have been prescribed an inhaler but I never picked it up or used it, I am not sure when or why I was prescribed it.

In this case I have been put on 28 days worth of peak flow tests but 2 weeks later I have not been sent the peak flow meter. I have tried to contact Capita but it is easier to get a hold of the queen to see if she wants to go for a beer down at my local than it is to talk to someone at Capita that can help me. The nurse told me on the phone that it would arrive at my house in a couple of days.

I have spoken to AFCO and I have been told I need to contact Capita which I have done on a couple of occasions.

What can I do next?
Can I just go to the chemist and buy a peak flow meter and start the tests sooner?
Has anybody had any look getting a hold of Capita?
Quite literally capita will do anything to avoid speaking to potential recruits. Best advice from my experience so far is to email capita, and if that doesn't work contact your afco again and they should be happy to chase it up for you if it's well past when you should have had contact.

Ps capita are terrible and they should have never been given a contract from mod pointless exercise really

All the best mate

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