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I initially joined the Royal Marines back in 2012. I left training at the 22 week point. Now I have matured I am wanting to go back in.

I had a medical back in February, I was then told afterwards that I needed to come back on the 1st of May for another (they did not specify why, I thought the medical went fine). I have now just been told that I have been medically deferred by Capita till September. My AFCO said that Capita would not disclose why. I have since spent several hours on the phone being passed around different offices in Capita who always say "sorry we don't handle that here" who then passed me on to the navy who told me I need to speak to capita again. After giving up with phoning capita I tried phoning the clinic I had the medical at. Again they say I have the wrong reception and they will transfer me through, then hung up the phone. Could somebody please help? This is incredibly frustrating!!! The Clinic was Harley Street in London


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The frustration is appreciated.

There can be a variety of medical reasons, obviously. Often applicants have selective hearing & only hear the Doc say "Everything is fine" and miss the "....except I need to write to your Doc about the xxxxx" bit.

What sometimes happens is a Recruit at CTC may hand their chit in whilst in Hunter Company which basically means they have an unresolved medical issue requiring post-discharge checks to ensure the issue is fully resolved & presents no further issues.

Other issues need to be "time expired" - ie: a broken bone or surgical procedure usually means the individual needs to be 12 months clear of being discharged from outpatients.

The thing about all this is, the contracted company will not speak direct to the applicant because the issue is between the individual, their GP & the AFCO Medical Examiner. The AFCO staff are not told what the issue is beyond "TMU" and then told when to book a medical review.

The contracted doctors may perhaps only undertake AFCO medical examinations once or twice a month, so even if you could speak to the examiner, the odds are he/she will not recall your individual case.

Bottom line is you've already had an opportunity & elected to leave. You have returned three years later and the service has so far agreed to consider you for a second attempt - it's not really a strong angle from which to drip about stuff to be perfectly honest.

Nevertheless good luck.

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