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My husband is ex-RN as a result of the defence cuts back in 2012. He has since re-applied back in September 2015 (for a different branch) and completed the medicals and waited and waited and chased it up and chased it up.
The blockage is with Capita. RN are waiting for GP notes in order to process the recruitment and Capita have to request them from the GP which they haven't.
He's contacting the RN every 2 weeks who say give it another 2 weeks and he's also phoning GP who say they still haven't had the request.
He's tried to contact Capita directly but they have been told not to deal with recruits.
I get the threads that say if you want the job wait it out - ok fair enough but for an ex-forces recruit with no poor service? Fortunately he's in a decent job however could have taken other opportunities whilst waiting for this process. Equally there are more than capable and competent recruits who in the time of waiting for these processes will have been offered other opportunities.
From an outsider I can't believe that any organisation commission a service that clearly isn;t efficient. Surely they must have performance related targets associated with the contract and from reading threads from over the years Capita clearly don;t have a handle on processing the medicals. They must have lost the armed forces a number of recruits
It's also a concern due to his age - at this rate he may even miss out on getting in as he'd be too old to rejoin.
*Is there any other way to speed the process up?
*Can he just ask his GP for medical notes and forward directly to RN, miss out Capita? Or even forward to Capita (although I'd be concerned about forwarded anything confidential and personal to them)

Any useful advice would be welcome
Tell your husband I share his pain.

I myself have been having problems with CAPITA. I am still waiting to be be cleared medically fit despite having my initial medical examination back in mid-March. On the 14th July I received a letter from CAPITA dated 12th June. In the letter they wanted more information on my medical history and for me to undertake a tympanometry test (which I had to pay 85 quid privately for because I could not afford to wait on the NHS). Hopefully they will require no more information from me.

The only advice I can offer your husband is to hang tight. Unfortunately there is little we as applicants or our AFCOs can do. As my story about my letter shows, CAPITA do things in their own time it seems to me. I myself am up against the clock in terms of my age limit, so again I share your husbands anxiety about unnecessary delays.

Your husband could pay for his medical notes himself and send them to CAPITA himself. There would be no point in sending it to the Navy as they would only forward it to CAPITA. It would just cause more delay.

Good luck to you both.


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Thank you it's reassuring in a way to know we're not the only ones it's just so frustrating.
Think we'd be concerned to send medical docs straight to Capita as they haven't convinced us with their organisation so would;t want them to get lost. We'll keep waiting - good luck to you too


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Whilst no apologist for Capita, in my experience the delays incurred during a medical referral are, for the most part, caused by the ineptitude of the local GP surgery staff who very often place employment medical referrals in the 'too difficult' tray presumably in the hope they'll go away.

I'd not suggest for a minute mistakes are not made by the contracted company or indeed AFCO's but generally if Capita are requested to re-send the medical referral letter to the GP, they do just that.

What tends to happen, is GP surgeries claim to have responded to the request for information - usually what they mean is they have submitted an invoice for payment upfront without supplying the information requested. The surgeries commonly do not utilise a 'bring-up' system to ensure the information is provided immediately upon receipt of payment. Instead the payment and provision of information are seldom linked so the Doc gets paid, the 'patient' is left in the dark, the AFCO cannot intervene & Capita are duly blamed.

My tip - speak directly to the practice manager, not the receptionist. Ask if they have received payment, when it was paid and when they intend sending the requested information. If the practice manager denies receipt of the letter, request your AFCO contacts Capita for re-issue of the letter.

Good luck.
Thanks for this - I'll ask him to contact practice manager but I still think it lies with Capita.
He had the same delay when applying for army reserves. He's also worked for several other companies both overseas and in the UK which required his medical notes and no delays with them. Will try this route though. Thanks


Ive got my second medical on Tuesday and its taken Capita 4 months to review my medical notes from GP that were sent 3 weeks after my first medical.
Ive got my second medical on Tuesday and its taken Capita 4 months to review my medical notes from GP that were sent 3 weeks after my first medical.

Oh no - don't tell me that! I'm screening what I'm sending him! He's had his medicals (months ago!) just waiting for Capita to request the GP notes (they've not even been requested so we're even further behind you mazc3p0).