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Cap Tallies


Any serving or ex Stores Accountants remember the huge collection of tallies displayed on the back wall of old slops building in Nelson ( Vicky ) barracks ?, does it still exist and is it kept up to date.
Buzz was in my time that they held almost 90% of all ships tallies since ship ''name '' tallies were first introduced.
I doubt it still exists, but I do recall one of the pubs near Commercial Road in portsmouth having a huge collection of cap tallies on its wall.


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I must have a look in the Black Dog at Weymouth and see if the collection there is still in being


War Hero
Not sure if slops still has them on the wall, but I do remember Sally James of Tiswas fame had some on her lovely thighs many years ago. Wonder if they are still there? :)
TattooDog said:
I doubt it still exists, but I do recall one of the pubs near Commercial Road in portsmouth having a huge collection of cap tallies on its wall.

The Royal Standard or The Standard, they did have up until 3 years ago.



War Hero
The tallies may still be there but not for much longer, I hear one of the accommodation blocks at Nelson has been condemned for demolition.
dunkers said:
I hear one of the accommodation blocks at Nelson has been condemned for demolition.

All the grotty old JR accommodation blocks at Nelson (Saumarez etc) have gone and have been replaced by shiny new single berth cabins! You probably wouldn't recognise the place now.

Some of the kids still treat the accommodation like sh*t though.


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It certainly is a different setup from what we all remember. Much more modern and "individual". I reckon the accom itself is probably better than most SR's & Officers get. That makes a change.



The old slops were on the other side of the parade ground from the old accomodation blocks and were moved to somewhere near the admin if memory serves....probably a lost cause here but thanx again for all posts.
So who can locate the longest cap tally. Lets say HMS is three spaces then each letter or word between a space is one space. i.e. HMS Loch Killisport would be 19 long. HMS Tenby would be 8 spaces. HMS Mull of Kintyre also 19. Lets any boats in commission since 1945.

Lets us discount shore establishments it has to be a metal or wooden ship wot floats or has floated on the oggin in 1945 or onwards.


That should keep the anoraks happy for a few hours


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Going on on the Wartime theme, the longest cap tallie then would have been HM Submarines, the rest would have been HMS
whitemouse said:
Do I recall correctly that Flag Officer JR staff ( FOSNI, FOSM etc) had tallies ?

Yes, but if I remember correctly, the tally was just the initials (FOST, CINCNAVHOME)?

I stand to be corrected.
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