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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by huffnut_cringe, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. I fail to understand why naval ratings are not allowed to have a crown on thier cap badges, all army regiments allow thier men to wear them, ditto the RAF, also why are naval ranks junior to army and RAF ranks.
    Who and what is responsible for making these decisions. Junior rates are part of the ROYAL navy so why not make them part of the team and feel wanted, they have a hard life.
  2. Are/were you a Matelot, Huffcnut?
  3. You don't need to understand.

    Oh, and i'm not too sure just what you meant exactly by your last sentence because JR's already KNOW that they are part of the team and they DO feel wanted.

  4. Naval Ranks are NOT Junior to the Army and RAF.I would imagine the reason why the vast majority of Army Regts/Corps have a crown is from Royal Patronage,i.e a member of the Royal Family became an Hon Colonel or allowed their name to be associated with the Regt/Corps,such as The Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire.You may have notice that all RN ships and Estabs DONT have a Royal Crown but the RN Crown.This may have a reason but i buggered if i know!
  5. Maybe its because Ratings Junior and Senior in the Royal Navy do not swear alligance to the Crown. Going back to Press Gang Days. WO may now be different but they did not exist in my day.

  6. Could very well be so Nutty.Apart form the Admiralty Instructions and the Skippers Commission, Ships were pretty autonomous in their actions,as long as they accomplished the task at hand.It might also harp back to the days of the Privateer.
  7. [​IMG]

    French Eagle, no stinking eeeeenglish peeeeeg dog stuff on the Jockonese cavalry. Waterloo /Scots Greys and all that. (My bro's old regiment - hence the interest)
  8. Surely they are the ROYAL Scots Greys?Since 1681 they have been Known as the The Royal Regiment of Scots Dragoons, numbered the 4th Dragoons in 1694
  9. The Scots Greys might be an exception seeing as the Regt was formed in 1681,the present capbadge was adopted after they took an Imperial Eagle at Waterloo.In the past most Regts were "militia" organised by the local dignitaries in time of need and eventually adopting different names as time went on and the Army reorganised.Thus gaining Crowns etc .
  10. Er, yup. They are both Royal - just aware that the RSDG badge was the French Eagle, with no Royal Crown (or one that I recognise).

    Probably confused everyone by being almost on topic for once. Not my style at all. :thumright:
  11. Catbag,
    Since when?
    During my Service, Killicks and Corporals were of equal status!
    Or is this another nail in the coffin of the Senior Service by purpleisation?
  12. Streaky said
    Are/were you a Matelot, Huffcnut?

    Yes I was In the Navy, JNA,NAM,LAM,POAF 14 years from 1955, bythe way the last Streaky I came across was a racing pig at Eglinton.
  13. Doesn't happen often that I get things right mate, better chances of winning the lottery...... :money:
  14. Some of Percies Cap Badges do have a rather intresting story behind them.There used to be one Regt that had 2 capbadges,one on the Front and a small one to the rear,awarded for fighting whilst surrounded.Also the RA used to wear a White Lanyard on the "wrong" shoulder cos they ran from their guns allowing the enemy to capture them.
  15. Not to mention how the Army work out the Seniority of Regts either mate.All dpends on the Position in the Line and the Number amongst other things.Thank God its simpler in the RN!
  16. Letthecatoutofthebagwrote
    The reason why POs have different badges from CPOs and WOs and Officers is because we have tradition and history

    The best tradition and history of the FAA is the Royal Naval Air Service in WW1, Sopworth Triplanes of Naval 1 Naval 8 and and Naval 10 Sqdns. at that time naval air ratings were wearing caps with a crown over the anchor, according to wing commander Charles R Salmson the RNAS was the best service ever. So why cant JRs have a crown today.
  17. letthecatoutofthebag wrote
    Because, when there RNAS merged with the RFC to form the RAF it was effectivly abolished, though the FAA took up its mantle in later years. When the RN JR beret badge was introduced there was no "tradition" of a cap badge other than the one you mentioned (I imagine a JR's cap didn't go very well with propellors and the such like??) and that "traditon" was (rightly or wrongly) ignored. Given we have had the current design for some time now that is now our "traditional" uniform, and I suggest that it sould stay as it is and that LH should aspire for promotion so that can wear the Royal Crown

    What a load of bollocks, the compleat naval (seamans) costume did not go well with propellors and working ashore, thats why senior air officers put thier men into fore and aft uniform and kahki and it was an exceptional
    force, we have now come the stage that the RN is putting young girls into sailors costume, the old WRNS uniform was much better. If the sailors costume is so wonderfull why dont SRs and officers wear it.
  18. letthecatoutofthebag wrote
    If you could find one thing that the general public could truly, imediately and always identify as being part of the Royal Navy it would be Square Rig. Nothing else says Jack more than square rig and in a time in which we are struggling to define our role to the general public and retain our identy anyone who suggest we abandon it is not acting in the interests of the service.
    This square rig is sooooo out of date, if you think that the role of the RN is Jolly Jack, get a life, the outcome most people want is ships not to be sunk at sea, untill we train and dress our people normally this will allways be a problem
  19. Huffnut_cringe
    to quote you

    This square rig is sooooo out of date, if you think that the role of the RN is Jolly Jack, get a life, the outcome most people want is ships not to be sunk at sea, untill we train and dress our people normally this will allways be a problem

    You tell me a JR sailor who isnt proud of wearing his square rig from the day he joins to the day he leaves. Its No 1 rig to be worn for ceremonies and suchlike not daily working rig. But then perhaps you didnt know that..........
  20. :toilet: (Huffnut-cringe - This square rig is sooooo out of date)
    The Navy has and still does, I hope, thrive on ceremony and Naval custom and the square rig is just about the one thing that people not only in the UK but worldwide recognise that the warer is a Matelot in the RN, unless of course standards in civvie life have been allowed to permiate into the Service to its detriment and everyone walks about looking like a vagrant ! Not only is it a full time business trying not to get yourself sunk, it is or should be a full time business maintaining the traditions handed down to us by the likes of Lord Nelson and his boys, that is what our Navy was built on.

    As for Killicks being junior to Pongo or Crab Corporals, can't recall that being the case when I was a killick, the Senior Service is just that, Senior.

    Finally, not wishing to cause offence but, you were a wafoo and in my book, not really a fully paid up member of the front line Navy but I am sure you are going to argue that point. Mind how you go. :tp:

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