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Whenever I start writting a long post (and it leaves this little white box I am typing in), the post seems to always automatically go to the top. So after every letter I type it will throw me back up to the top. Is there anyway of disabling this? It drives me crazy. I dont usually make typos, but when I do, I have to backspace the whole paragraph to see where I have gone wrong!
Its hard to explain, so not to worry if you don't know what I am talking about!

Another question I was going to ask, is there a way of Multiquoting? I know on most forums there is a way of quoting more than one person, but I cant seem to find it on here without typing in the HTML manually.
e.g. "[ Quote] blah blah blah [ / Quote]"
Thank you in advance for your time,



Lantern Swinger
2_deck_dash said:
I had this as well.

Fcuking annoying isn't it.

Use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer, the snags seem to disappear.
I don't like the look of Chrome and cant be bothered to switch back to it purely for one site. But yes, it is VERY annoying!

As pointed out to me by another user; click the compatibility icon at the end of the address bar and all will be well.
Perfect, thank you. That feels so much better. Is there any chance of adding a Multi-quote button, or atleas the ability to quote more than one person though? I am not sure how difficult/easy it is to do as I have no experience in website design via Forums (never created one or modded on one)


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