Can't wait!

pondwater said:
I'm ex army joining the navy. What kind of stick can I expect?
Stick? What stick? You should get bonus points for trying to improve yourself. Going "up" into the senior service, nice one. Better late than never.


I did National Service with the Army, and then joined the Navy, if You are treated as I was You will find that your Army time will be a bonus in relation to being a raw recruit,
I was treated well and welcomed
Welcome to the Senior Service, Pondwater! The stick was formally abolished in the RN in 1967 and I can tell you it bloody well hurt! :( :oops: As for the other "stick" is no longer acceptable either, unless it'd done by the bootnecks (Royal Marines) in the gym... according to recent intelligence sources. :lol:

Follow the thread below for recent information on Part I basic training at RALEIGH... AND read Dunkers recent experiences of basic RNR training there, for another perspective at DUNKERS DITS.


Lantern Swinger
I have just got back from a weekend at Collingwood and met someone who is now 32, was in the TA for years but decided to join the RN as a CIS Comms rating. She wishes she had seen the light years ago. She is just about to finish her course and is then away for a life on the ocean waves.


To scaleyfins.
No joining instructions as yet. My application went off at the begining of march and I still have my Sh!ty day job. I've been waiting four months. You had any news.


Yeah, my joining process started September last year, and i'm off to Raleigh this month

ahab - looking forward to a life without a caubeen? ;)