Can't wait!

pondwater said:
I'm ex army joining the navy. What kind of stick can I expect?
Stick? What stick? You should get bonus points for trying to improve yourself. Going "up" into the senior service, nice one. Better late than never.


I did National Service with the Army, and then joined the Navy, if You are treated as I was You will find that your Army time will be a bonus in relation to being a raw recruit,
I was treated well and welcomed
Welcome to the Senior Service, Pondwater! The stick was formally abolished in the RN in 1967 and I can tell you it bloody well hurt! :( :oops: As for the other "stick" is no longer acceptable either, unless it'd done by the bootnecks (Royal Marines) in the gym... according to recent intelligence sources. :lol:

Follow the thread below for recent information on Part I basic training at RALEIGH... AND read Dunkers recent experiences of basic RNR training there, for another perspective at DUNKERS DITS.


Lantern Swinger
I have just got back from a weekend at Collingwood and met someone who is now 32, was in the TA for years but decided to join the RN as a CIS Comms rating. She wishes she had seen the light years ago. She is just about to finish her course and is then away for a life on the ocean waves.
To scaleyfins.
No joining instructions as yet. My application went off at the begining of march and I still have my Sh!ty day job. I've been waiting four months. You had any news.

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