can't seem to get rid of my yahoo toolbar

Can anyone explain how to do this please? its annoying. It sits there with its links to finance, games shopping etc. all the worst detritus of our sad collapsing society right there invading my personal space ...

... takes up room too on the lappie...

grateful for any tips as I deleted loads of buttons and then when I re-booted not only were they there but more too ...




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Click on START, look for control panel and click on that, find add/remove programmes, find Yahoo toolbar and click on remove.

Worked for me!!
Hi thanks noemis - it wasn't listed as a programme but thanks for that. I've done it now but can't explain how as its a bit of the screen I don't know the name of .................. effing computers

ta mate


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1. Drop-down menus at the top; one listed "View". Select and open "Toolbars". De-select the tick accordingly.

2. Hover your mouse over the toolbar itself, then right-click. There may be an option to remove it there...

Good luck! :wink:

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