cant live without.........

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. What is the one thing you just couldnt live without?

    For me, (being girlie now) it would be my GHD straightners!!!!!!!!

    (OHH- and the OH!![​IMG]
  2. The sparkling wit and banter of Rum Ration :nemo:
  3. My man boobs.
  4. Hope.....and errrrrr......oxygen.

    Can't live, if living is without you oo reading this Agnes? You little minx! :love4:
    Many apols.....gone all starry eyed.....sickening I know. :pukel:
  5. Good question - you bored today ?
  6. Someone got quite shirty on a similarly silly thread - PMT Lamri??????

    "Oh, I'm all for a bit of fun, but this just demeans the site in my opinion. Which is perhaps exactly what some would like.
    I'm off back to the other place now anyway, so enjoy your 'fun' "

    my green tea - I'd be really constipated ;)
  7. So YOU didn't find any of that pissed shite offensive then ?
    You want to drag another thread into here?
    Get a life!
    As for green tea, you talk enough shite so I doubt you'd be THAT constipated ;)
  8. G R, thanks for sharing that and I think you've fouled Lamri's anchor.
  9. Not at all shipmate, I have a line I will not cross, thats all :)
  10. Things I can live without!!!

    two facedness
    big brother
    stupid garage mechanics!!!
    warm wine!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Like Fishmeister, I need my daily, bubbly, ungofferly, cynical, challenging and very un-PC* Rum Ration or I start fretting... as I did into day 12 of my cruise.

    *Politically Constipated
  12. Things I can live without!!!

    Wimmen (with some notable exceptions)
    Frigging in the rigging... or maybe not :confused:
    Taxation :)
    Holystoners (alias Bible Bashers)
    Sex :biggrin:

    And things I cannot...

    :hungry: :cuddle:
  14. I can live without many things, but life would be a drag without;

    The wife (she might be reading this)
    My quick wit and ready rancontour
    My Good Looks and Modesty

    to be serious for a second;

    My true friends.
  15. Couldn't do without......
    The Gym
    (Not in that order)
  16. My 5 year old saying "I Love you Dad.".......

    to the milkman, couldn't afford to run my 5 Series without the paternity payments :money: :w00t: .
  17. I thought that was soooooooo sweet--- then i re-read it properly, and PMSL!
  18. The very wise words my Father told me when I was young,I've never forgot them.
    He said " Remember Frank,the only difference between skydiving and muff diving is the view!"
    how right he was.
  19. Do you need all that kit for Muff diving too?
  20. BH do you have book of meaningfully questions to keep your part of the Forum running???????????????????????????????????????????????


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