Can't find Royal Navy wireless operator Douglas Owens records 22.4.1923 - 15.9.2004

Can anyone help? My father was on the Russian convoys to Murmansk probably from 1942 as a wireless operator (morse code). Lived in Sunderland and signed up from there. Sadly he lost the plot in later years and was taken advantage of massively. While in hospital for mental health problems his naval uniform and all his belongings were set alight on the canal side in the Iver, Buckinghamshire/ Denham area. For posterity I am looking to find his War records and replace medals and see if he would be eligible for the New Arctic Star Medal etc. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please. Peculiarly, his name doesn't come up in the Royal Navy World War 2 records. He also used to be in the RNR at HMS Calliope on the River Tyne @ Newcastle who didn't seem interested in helping me...... so much for the 'lest we forget'!!! Thanks for reading. x (Daughter Lesley Owens email [email protected])
Lesley, there is a site called World Naval Ships Forums, look under WELLCOME: Guidance for using the forum. The W.N.S.F members are more than willing to help you in your quest.
Thanks for that. Too much information and I don't have much to go on at the moment. Have sent off to Portsmouth to request info and for replacement medals. Thanks again.
Thank you - have sent off for Dad's Naval records and separately have applied for replacement medals and applied for the arctic star. it may be a while until i can pull it all together, but thanks once again.

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