Can't find my arrse, but know what my elbow looks like

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by Resurgam, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Sorry to barge into Booty Territory but I can't find my arrse. has it gone west or is it only me. I can find you chaps though so cannot believe it is only me.
  2. It's not only you, mate. ARRSE crashed and burned sometime yesterday; all we got when we tried to log on was a blank page. ARRSE Mods are working on it.
  3. Cheers I was feeling pretty deprived and wondering if I had finally been declared PNG or something. Can I lurk here for a bit please. I need my daily fix of banter.

    A refugee

    ps I am not sure I like the new arrse format. Being over here I realise how much I like the old format.
  4. One of my Sgts can get onto it, however I can't! I'm just getting the blank page. Still................... :rambo:
  5. So What's he got that we don't. Is there a new special handshake or something.
  6. Thats why he is a sgt :thumright:
  7. Very true, think i'll just kick him off his computer and use that one! Or go home......!
  8. Can you find out what way he is getting in. I am beginning to wilt.
  9. He goes onto google, types 'arrse' and then clicks on the bit that comes up in the results. I tried it on my computer and get the usual blank screen. Feck knows why its working on his and not mine!
  10. How long until ARRSE is back up?

    Been without my broadband for a few days then when I do get it back I find ARRSE is down FFS.
  11. I tried that and got exactly the same result as you, BOF.

    Skin turning green...muscles starting to swell... :whax: :pc:

  12. tried again - still no joy. :frustrated:

    think i'll just play with the cool smilies over here!

    :afro: :whdat: :director: :violent3:
  13. [Deleted]
  14. Thanks Swiss! Never knew you cared!
  15. Surprising that there is no holding page on ARRSE to say " We anticipate that service will be resumed in X hrs/days"

    Lots of Arrsers will have a look on here or on Rear Party so it would make sense to put some information here too.

    Is there a technical term for the embarkation of Army personnel on warships? - It could be a new, if temporary, forum on here!
  16. Mag on - back in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    on a random idea, i tried using internet explorer (usually use firefox), and managed to get arrse loaded!!!! When i tried to log-in, there was same problem, so i lurked about. Found a post from a 'mr pr':

    "If you are having issues with a blank page for any site it is usually a cookie issue. Clear your arrse related cookies (or all your cookies if you aren't sure how to be specific) from which ever web browser you use and it should be problem solved.

    This is often the case when upgrades are performed, especially so when they are reversed."

    Have cleared all cookies and am now back in the fight!!

    Thanks rumration for having us!!!!!!! I'll be back when arrse breaks again!!! :w00t:
  17. Thats nice, come over when your own site is U/S then bugger off again. Charming.

    Although I think I might make reference to typical bloody pongos!
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Tart! Typical ex-Wren; a Pongo comes along and she off, like a fly around shit... :threaten:
  19. Keep your thong on darling, Arrse has gone tits again!!!!!! Told you i'd be back!
  20. She's not made of wood!!!

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