Can't Fathom out his Reasoning

I agree we should get rid of howe and all the other lords barons the lot of em .they do no good wahatsoever and cost the counrty money
What he fails to realise is the "black" economy whereby we can fleece foreign visitors who don't understand Imperial weights and measures.
What's the hurry? All the kids going through school now and for a good while in the past have been taught metric so in due course imperial will fade of it's own accord.Until then let us old farts have at least half a clue what we're getting for our money.
Mr Howe, glad to see your priorities are so right(!).

'This muddle does matter. It increases cost, confuses shoppers, leads to serious misunderstandings, causes accidents, confuses our children's education and, quite bluntly, puts us all to shame."

No.'Howe' about these for size, you wet fart.

'What puts us to shame' :
Men like you who sold out one of the greatest leaders Britain has had this century
Politicians who sell out our autonomy to Europe over and over and over
Politicians who lie,lie, lie to take us into two wars that cost how many needless deaths and nobody wanted, for self-aggrandisement
Politicians who refused to speak out when Bliar and his Mrs. eradicated the civil liberties that have been a keystone of our system for 1,000 years because they did not want to offend.
Politicians willing to denigrate this country's honour in order to ingratiate themselves with an alcoholic US President.
The list could go on.And on.

Howe forgets what he and the Tory Wets didn't do for this country after Maggie was ousted. Namely, coming up with a sound leader that may have prevented the next 20 years of limpdicks in the Hotseat, spin-doctoring and god knows what else eroding the spirit, traditions and hope of a people.

Never mind all that. It's the Olympics that matters, naturally(!).

As if we need worry about being laughing stocks come August.

Mr Howe :That was established ******* years ago through your kinds lack of moral backbone and damned integrity.
Lord Howe, eh. Senility gets everyone eventually; some sooner than others.

A pint's a pint and a mile's a mile. What else is there to know? It's buggers like him who would have us driving on the wrong side of the road to fit in with Johnny Foreigner!
In my civvy aircraft design career I work mainly on two airframes, for any drawings I do one is in metric and one in imperial "kin nightmare" however the only similarity is they are both heaps of filthy crab shite!!!!
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One of my pet hates when working on a boat was a mixture of metric and imperial tools. I'm finding it the same in my new job. I have no preference on whether it should be metric or imperial, but FFS, make your minds up.
Thats life in a blue suit..............or in your case............thats life in a blue suit !
One of my pet hates when working on a boat was a mixture of metric and imperial tools. I'm finding it the same in my new job. I have no preference on whether it should be metric or imperial, but FFS, make your minds up.
The only snag I have with imperial tools (apart from Howe) is there are too many different ones if you get may meaning i.e whitworth, UNC, UNF, AC, AF, BSP etc etc.

Going from S boats (imperial) to T boats (metric) was interesting as it was all the same gear and parameters back aft, they just re-labelled it in metric i.e 5 psi becomes 0.3447 bar.

At least the makers of Zeus tables dipped in


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SI units were adopted by British engineers in IIUC (not recall-I'm too young) 1960. My old man's generation refers to BTUs and Fahrenheit but most if not all UK engineering education and practice has been in SI units since K for Kelvin was a boy.

eh oop but I wants to buy taters in stones 'tit guinea.

Engineering being subordinated to consumer convenience? Therein lies 'tit problem.
Firstly, for all you dripping spanner *******, these were made just for you; Metrinch-Tools I believe that the Canadians did when they bought the U Boats.

In the '90s there was a DCI directing that all Imperial threads in the Fleet should be made Metric. Aunty Betty spent a bloody fortune on Helicoil kits to make it so. Presumably, not many were actually used then.


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The Marines have been yomping in K's for years. It's a damn site easier working out distance/time/speed in K's than it is in miles.

Here's a free lesson for you all, DTS (not dinner time session) is worked out in one of them maths equations. Distance = Time over speed. Or Speed = Distance over time or Time = speed over distance.

Far easier to work out in K's than Miles.

That said, I still ask for a pound of mince beef etc, half a pound of bacon etc at a deli, when confronted by a metric only deli I ask for a big handful or a small handful of whatever I want because I cannot fathom the amount of grams etc that I want, seems to work because the person serving doesn't seem to have a clue either.
TBH it's easier working things out (engineering wise) in metric, lots of nice round numbers, simple things like for every 10m you dive, water pressure increases by 1 bar (a rough guide before the pedants jump in) so it's easy to work out what discharge pressure to run a pump up to before you open a hull valve.

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