Can't blame this on the Jack Dusty's

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by AfterSSE, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Don't imagine these are being written off due to spoilage eh!

    658 Laptops lost....err right...lost.....Lol
  2. Sounds like a free for all, I'll have a Tulip E-Go Diamond laptop please.
  3. As someone who in a past life was a line manager of MoD civil servants I can tell you that it was like trying to herd cats. I have never met such a shower of bloody minded, rank conscious prats in all my life. A favourite theme of theirs was "I am the equivalent of Captain/Commander" .... whatever. "I should have a bigger desk/ better chair/better carpet/parking space" ...whatever. It really gripped their shit that I got more pay than they did. I wouldn't give them a cheap calculator, let alone a laptop.
  4. Has anyone had the civvy equivalent of being trooped and/or had a 126 stuck in their hand for this ? Thought not.
  5. All sounds horribly familiar. :roll:

    In my old place of work (2 years ago) the senior staff all had offices with plush, comfy armchairs, carpet, standard lamps with silk lampshades and started off on 40 days annual leave entitlement a year! In my new office we all share the SAME facilities and TEAMWORK is excellent. The 9-5 culture has gone and junior and senior staff muck in and share the duties. Result: very high job satisfaction and things get DONE!
  6. And, as the song goes (with a little license.. ;) ) 'It can only get a little less better .... '

    With the continuing 'restructuring' of the Civil Service - currently getting rid of the AA/AO/EO grades, and eventually I understand that the HEO/SEOs will be on the target list - this will mean the only grades left will be the ones in the plush offices (ie those not necessarily actual workers.

    All the other positions will be filled with contract agency staff, at 'X' times extra money (and at taxpayers expense of course - if the pollies have left any in the coffers of course!) and who will also not be responsible for any equipment etc that gets lost.

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