Can't Believe Cameron & Clegg Missing Out

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. oh top!... another conflict that HMG didn't expect.(every fucker else did)..might as well count how many countries we wont have pickles with in the next ten years, would be easier.
  2. We could send a carrie!............................scrub that :oops:.

    How about banning the import of Toyota pick ups, that would slow up every militia on the continent.
  3. Too funny WL and sooo true
  4. You may have a point there Wrecks ... We could sell 'em our LandRovers and boost exports at the same time!

  5. Yes it would be even better if we actually owned Land Rover.
  6. We could improve english manufacturing, British exports and the militia naval capabilities with these war machines??


  7. You is avin a chip at me is you?
    Dat not nice.
  8. I'd never ava chip at you mannn, you iz me legend ;-)
  9. But I is livin yards away from the old Reliant site.
    I is deeply embarresed.
  10. Well me grandad drivez one, i iz thee embarased one when goin top speed round a round about mann!!
  11. Nah, leave it to Sarkozy. After all, the rebel leader (who isn't even ethnic Ivorian Coast anyway as his parents were illegal immigrants from Burkino Faso) Alassane Ouattara had a certain Mr Sarkozy as a wedding guest.

    Politics is such dirty game.

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