Cannot find my dad.!


Hi all, newbie here needing help.!
My dad was in the Navy WW11 but I cannot find any records of him. When my mum passed away last year, everything of his was "taken" so cannot look there.
I managed to find my uncle Alfred Howett (HMS Pennywort) but nothing of my dad.
Do any of you lovely people have any idea what I can do.
Many thanks


Many thanks soleil
I have looked on there but they need service number which I do not have.
All my dads papers and etc where taken and due to major family rift will not be able to get.


War Hero
The difficulty is that the Ministry of Defence has kept the service records from the Second World War and only makes them available when the official forms are submitted. I think that people assume, because they can see service records from the First World War on sites like Ancestry, that other British service records are all out there and that you just need to look on the right website. I worry sometimes about people paying money to sign up for websites and then discovering that the records they need have not been made available.

I tried to speak to the Disclosure Cell this afternoon about whether forms can be processed without a service number, but couldn't get an answer.

If I can find your father's service number, I will let you know.

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