Candidature in local government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by BeyondReason, May 9, 2010.

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  1. Can serving members serve as independents on parish councils or in local government... I know some people will put spoilers in this trail... but genuinely want to know Hansard is unclear as is currently available e.versions of the acts and QRRN don't say
  2. Just do it and see what happens.

    You'll soon have your answer
  3. Why not ask your local Parish council?
  4. Slap in a request form and see what happens
  5. No.
  6. I think they can however wont receive many votes if you are in the armed forces. After all you will have a lot of time away etc. when a serving councillor would be expected to be at council meetings and serving their electorate.

    Parish councillors on the other hand you probarbly will be able tto just get co-opted on as the majority of them have vacancies... however Parish councils don't really do much... just choose where to put flower boxes really.

    Good luck however if you do decide to run.
  7. Really, where did that gem come from??
  8. He's a serving......... opps no he's not. :roll:
  9. I go along to various council and community meetings, my Parish council has 2 vacancies.
  10. So has your scrotum.
  11. Guzzler. no need to be like that because I don't support mass immigration.

    Do you know what democracy is? or do you just not like it?
  12. :D :D
  13. We all know what democracy is which is why your posts are allowed on RR. Please however do not be surprised at a complete lack of support from RR members for your political leanings. While many of us agree with some of the policies of your chosen party, most of us have the intelligence to look deeper than the words spouted and discover racist issue hidden away.
  14. Take a look at QRRN's Chapter 66. Has a nice little bumpf about Local Elections:

    J.6606. Candidates in Local Government Elections
    1. Serving personnel may not accept membership of any local authority, or allow themselves
    to be nominated for election to any such body, without the permission of the Ministry of
    2. A member of the Armed Forces who is recalled for service while they are a member of a
    local authority is to report such membership to their Commanding Officer.
    3. Serving personnel who are permitted by MOD to be nominated for election to any local
    authority may only stand as independent candidates, they are not to stand as candidates for
    any political organization, party or movement, and, if elected, are not to involve themselves in
    any way in the affairs of any such organization, party or movement.
  15. well there it is.. you can not stand for election or be co-opted on to the parish ocouncil
  16. If you read the rules again you will see that he can stand as an independent with the MODs permission

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