Candidate Profile

EDUCATION: BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering L3 (D*D*D)
I have Bs in Maths and English GCSE
I enjoy being outdoors. I have a genuine interest in helping people. I like to lead although I prefer being chosen for the role to me asking for it. I like to observe and analyse but I keep a secret. I prefer surprises to promises for some reason Im not sure why.
I love to learn and I like to achieve.

If you were to recruit me in the Royal Navy, which jobs would you recommend for me in the Surface fleet.
Note. I was born in the 90s so I enjoy technology.


War Hero
If you have three other GCSE's above grade C, no unspent convictions & a British passport, you are academically eligible to apply as a Warfare or Logistics Officer but would need an accredited engineering degree to be an engineering officer.

If you enjoy "hands on" engineering, have a look at AET, ET(ME) & ET(WE) on the RN website.