Cancelling an application

Hello all,

I'm quite advanced in my application for officer, and am just filling out some paperwork before being giving a date for AIB.

However my personal circumstances have changed recently, and I am thinking of cancelling my app.

Would this have repercussions if I was to apply again, say in a couple of years time?

Big Bad John,

If you cancelled you app there would be no repercussions later.

You could continue with you app and see how you do at AIB – using it as a ‘test run.’ If you fail, you know where to improve for next time, and if you pass you can decline their offer of service for your reasons and reapply in years to come. I know which I would do.



War Hero
As long as you keep the ACLO informed there's no problem. If you simply disappear & do not turn-up, as many do, then this will adversely affect a future application.

Recruiting targets for next year are rumoured to be reducing significantly, so be aware that it's worth applying a year or more ahead when you do wish to join.

Good luck.

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