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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Midas, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Yet again my ORT has been cancelled, this is the second time this has happend in 5 months, is this normal?

    I was wondering if anyone else has had the same experience of cancelled ORT? Please vote!
  2. Mine was cancelled three times last year (Cyprus Battle camp, Faslane Battle camp, 2 weeks on fish boat), once the year before (FOST tanker) and at present it has been binned once this year (first two week Cyprus battle camp). I've put down for a leadership course but I'm still awaiting confirmation of the dates and confirmation of my place!!!

    Its quite standard practice unfortunately. My ORT has been cancelled many times before but i can't recall the exact details of them all. You can understand it with ships programs changing etc but i do think that there is little excuse for much of the other stuff.

    My downfall seems to be that i get in early to try to plan my training year (as instructed by HOD's). The problem with this is that it leaves plenty of time for things to change.

    The most disapointing thing is when you find out unofficially that things have been binned weeks before the event and you actually have to chase to get official confirmation of the cancellation, which initially always comes "unofficially until someone sorts their sh*t out and actually makes it official.

    Cyprus this year, last year and Faslane last year are prime examples!
  3. It is perfectly normal and always has been. Don't you know there's a war on?
  4. Slightly off topic but i was working with the TA last week. They get 50 days standard :cry: I get rationed when i reach 24 :roll:

    One lad didn't complete his ORT but because of the effort he made around the place throughout the year he still got his bounty. I'd like to see that in the RNR :?
  5. Already there! In the RNR it's called CO's discretion. CO has to justify any waivers to CMR.
  6. I know many people who've completed over the 24 days but haven't necessarily ticked the correct boxes. ie only managed one weeks ORT but made up the days in other ways such as drill nights, recruiting etc and they haven't been awarded their bounty.

    The thing is it seems much easier to complete your 24 days in the TA than in the RNR.
  7. The purpose of the RNR is to deliver Operational Capability to CINCFLEET. Units and specialisations have a responsibility for that, as does the individual.

    The individual has a commitment to at least 24 days, of which 12 are required to be OC related and the remaining 12 are available for unit support and general tasks. If one is unable to deliver those 12 days of support to OC then I'd question the bounty applicability anyway. Some units have got the balance all wrong.

    However, I would agree with your point about MTDs, the 24 days should not be treated as a hard stop, there is available budget and discretion to go significantly above that particularly where units have people on mobilisation which frees up their budget for others to use. I am aware that some units, yours included, seem to treat it as an upper limit. My own view is that taking that position means that the unit is not fulfilling it's operational objective by delivering OC to CINCFLEET.

    The recent review of reserves also identified that 24 days wasn't really enough for the RNR anyway, but I'd be surprised if there is an increase.
  8. I can only talk for the Sea(Res) Branch.
    I have been quite clear in my ETMs that if any member of the branch believes they need more days than they have been allocated, and are experiencing opposition, then I will gladly take up the case, and discuss it with the unit.
    So if you are in the Sea(Res) branch, and you have undertaken a couple of weeks courses iaw the training matrix, and a host of in-unit activities, and are now on 24 days, but wish to partake in Operational Training that you feel is associated with the branch (Range day, Ex Helious Encounter, another training matrix course etc) and are experiencing oposition, contact me via your RFPO. If you don't know your RFPO's contact details, you know mine, as it is at the bottom of my ETMs (though I'd prefer emails as I'm in NZ for a couple of weeks, and don't want phone calls in the middle of the antipodean night!)


  9. Might be a wole lot easier if SO1s had their own budgets and then the Units could be stopped from over zealous control of individuals who are just trying to strike a balance between civvy and naval employment.
  10. One point i would make is that our unit has recently undergone a change in parent unit and therefore my comments may be found to be redundant come 2009/2010 bounty time.

    Regarding my commnets about it being more difficult to reach the 24 days a year in the RNR my point is mainly aimed at the fact that i haven't had a branch training weekend since September last year. Not because i can't attend them but they don't seem to exist.

    It would be a little harsh to punish someone who doesn't make their 24 days when the weekends are so scarce. Now awaiting a smug bugger from the SW region to come on and tell me about all the opportunities they've had :(
  11. Couple of things i'd like to say regarding this, and one of them is going to piss trehorn off!
    Earlier this year I put in for a BSSC as I was out of date due to having to attend various other courses, one of which keeps getting longer every time I go back to do the last bit (546 for those that haven't experienced it, but the way they keep adding bits to it, i'll still be trying to complete it when I finish in the RNR). Anyway, as they keep on adding to the course I decided to go off and do some extra days to complete my First Aid level 2 course (5 days but carried out over two weekends) and then as already said, booked onto a BSSC as this was all I needed to do to get myself onto OPS.
    This would then have meant that I'd have completed 10 days additional ORT, all with the support of the unit (sorry trehorn!).
    So myself and a PO from the unit who was also booked onto the BSSC waited as confirmed attenders on the course as shown on the wonderful JPA!.
    However, 1 week before the course was due to start our RC2 informs us that we have been moved from confirmed to wait listed on JPA. Our RC2 contacted phoenix and asked if we could be sent down anyway as they always had no shows on the monday morning, and was told that under no circumstances were we to be sent down unless we were shown as confirmed on JPA, and that we had been bumped in favour of RN personnel that desperately needed this course, all of which I fully understand and grudingly accept.
    Fast forward now to the monday afternoon of the start of the our BSSC starting, and my unit recieves a 'no show' signal with my name and the PO's name on it, asking for an explanation as to why we had not attended. Upon checking JPA we were both STILL showing as wait listed for the course.
    Now my question is this. Is this a failing on the part of JPA,(probably) or the RN in not checking it to see if everyone is comfirmed on the course (probably not as they wont know about RN or other personnel not turning up until the course starts). The biggest problem I have is that having booked time off I feel that we should, and indeed could have been sent down anyway, and in the event that there was no room on the course we could have been gainfully employed in the NMT school (we're bothe RCO's)

    Apart from this being a pain the the proverbial, i think this was a missed opportunity and has now left me in the position whereby I will not attempt to book on a BSSC until I have completed all other ncessary courses and when I do get mobilised again, they'll just have to pick that course up as part of my optag.

    Rant over.


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