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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by lgu98141, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Hi, does anyone know where I can find info on Canal Boats owned by the RN that me and my mates can hire for a weeks AT?? (Pissing up!!) I've had a look in the DINs but no joy. Anyone help?
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    There are quite a few, RNAS Yeovilton have Pussers Rum based on the Kennet & Avon which I believe is controlled from ETS at Yeovilton. Fleet have 3 boats all based on the Oxford/ Grand Union, can't remember who controls them at the moment but I know the booking form is available on Fleet Web. There are others, I am in the process of booking another but it really depends on who you are (rank), where you are based and if the boat is for an official 'Exped' or just a family holiday. Generally boats give priority to AT first then Junior Ranks based at the establishment who owns the boat, then other ranks based there, then everyone else. Expect to pay about £400 per week.
  3. Yeovilton had Pussers Rum as previously mentioned and Nelson had two 'Emma' and 'Andrew' I think. There's another I believe called Shy Talk as well. Last known to be controlled by the WO writer in Semaphore tower and the Nelson welfare committee.
  4. There used to be at least one at Warrior - If I remember rightly it was called Zulu Warrior.

    Since Northwood is now Joint Services something or other I'm not sure if they still have one. Could try the PT Department I suppose.
  5. Yeovilton now has Sundowner, still based on the Kennet and Avon, it's a class little trip if you can get on it it really helps make a bond with the junior and seniors. Top notch trip.
  6. A little ditty about Pussers Rum

    I was a POWTR at Yeovilton when Pussers Rum was purchased, and helped to set up the Service fund that ran her. On her official maiden voyage Oliver Tobias and FONAC came along for the jolly. Two OUT's were dressed as 19th Century sailors to steer the boat. The OUT's thought it a good idea to fly the White Ensign off the stern..... anyway on the way back Flag Lt tells the OUTs to up the speed, despite them telling him of the 4 mph speed limit.

    6'oclock local news that night, someone had sent in a video of "HMS" Pussers Rum "speeding" along the Kennet and Avon Canal with a massive wash behind her.... there were so many complaints I lost count....guess who got the blame....certainly not the Flag Lt.
  7. I think the narrowboats have been put alongside until command amends ROE in case they are boarded and sailors get taken hostage. As there are areas of the K&A canal which are still in dispute. Around Bath especially!
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Are you sure that they're not being sold to Chile, Bangladesh, Brazil and/or Romania? I'm sure that the sale of a number of capable cruise weapons of mass intoxication would fill Broon's coffers!
  9. I did enquire about hiring one of these a few years ago and was told it wasn't AT. Has this now changed?
  10. If you do manage to hire one watch out, for the concrete step at the arse end of locks, hit that and your'e buggered.
    We made the mistake of lending our (built in 1929) boat to some friends, they near as damn it f****d the thing up completely.
    It is good team building stuff though, especially when a comparative stranger stands on your head in the middle of the night as they head for a pee over the side.
    Make sure someone who is good at it cooks the fry up in the morning, it is just about the best part of the day.
    You'll see the world from a different very interesting angle.
    ps the tapping at 0430 will not be someone desperate for you body trying to get in, simply the swans and ducks trying to ras some food out of you!
    I could live on the boat 24/7 given half a chance..
  11. Usually they are just nibbling at the weed growing on the hull at the waterline. However if a Swan does come aboard and park on your engine hatch cover for the warmth, they are not easily thinned out......can give you quite a start if you go to pump ship into the cut.

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