Canadian/UK Frigates?

Well, nice to see BAe have a £120+ Million assessment program in place. Trouble is, as I see it, we'll contribute the lions share of all costs, subsidise the other countries with cost guarentees, over run on timescales and budget then decide we can't afford it and the ten completed hulls will be sent to China for scrapping along with a £400 Million subsidy for flood relief work in the North Tibet delta.
Now I wonder what is hidden under that agenda. :)
It was looking good until I got to;
to provide a warship capable of supporting land operations and conducting other roles, such as anti-submarine warfare.
So the frigate won't be optimised for Naval warfare but that of supporting Land Ops? We see ourselves fighting mainly the sort of tribal skirmish we've currently been saddled with? At least they can't be accused of "cold war legacy" planning, I suppose. Good to see we continue planning for the "last war".
When I first the title I thought we were going to adapt to some of the Canadians design with rounded edges and lower profiles but in the end it's all about money!!!
Last year, the company, supported by the government, made proposals to Brazil to build up naval capabilities,

Bizarre how the government backs up plans to build up other countries navy's while running down our own.
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