Canadian Submarines Recieving More Critisism


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I know when the RN had the Upholders they weren't exactly a bundle of joy to operate so the Canadians should have known better than to buy a pig in the poke. Their crews worked alongside them for long enough in the UK and therefore had plenty of time to evaluate them before signing on the dotted line and taking ownership. Just another excuse for them to keep on dripping and whining about us allegedly ripping them off. The collision and subsequent hull damage can't be laid at our door; that is down to their own command and its failures or shortcomings. Perhaps now they will learn to let "the buyer beware" next time they buy second-hand boats at knock-down prices.

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Are these the subs that were designed by a bricklayer who once read the Eagle comic in his remedial reading class
Traf was a just as bad after we hit Scotland and having spent a (short) time with the Upholders they weren't that bad. Unicorn ran rings around the septics on exercises in the Middle East. They had teething troubles as all completely new design boats or ships have. I'm sure the Aussies would prefer the Upholders to the Collins class.

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I think Canadian Submariners are brilliant. *

Especially when they put on gallons of Moose Milk in the mess, as they did on 1st January every year. Settles the tummy don't you know!

* Except when the bastards were trying to steal 'The Shovel'.
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/Old man ramble on.When my Grandad was on National service back in 55-ish, he was on a Submarine Depot Ship, and he told me that a lot of the men on the boats attached to his ship (HMS Adamant) were Canadian Navy, because the pay was better. You could transfer to Canadian Navy, stay on your boat, get paid more, and only have to sew a different badge on your uniform./old man ramble off
I thought I seen that at Dolphin a couple of years ago????????

I think you'll find it was MUCH more than a couple of years ago Wits. I looked into the 'Shovel Saga' a while go and I seem to recall it is (was?) in a Canadian SR Mess - and not even a submarine one - and has been for years. But I might be wrong, I was once befrore!

How many of today's 'yoof' even know about it, tsk!

Edit: You might have seen the 70s red kiddies seaside spade that was displayed in the case when the real shovel was on holiday.
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There is another shovel (not the original) at the submarine school in Raleigh that was "liberated" from the Canadians by Turbs ships company in 2004.

I always thought the original was in the submarine museum.
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