Canadian Navy / Reserves

Anyone on here had any experience of joning the Candadian Navy or Reserves?

We're looking at emigrating and I'd like to keep my hand in be that full time or part time. They don't seem to have an overseas recruits section like the Aussies and Kiwi's so i'm guessing their not as keen to get overseas applicants as those in the southern hemisphere?

Any advice / tips much appreciated.


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You need to be a Canadian citizen to join. However exceptions can be made for people with skills and experience that the RCN is looking for. The process is long, requires you to get PR status before you join and to apply for citizenship within 5 years. Plus the RCN is all about the cost cutting so these days they tend to come and ask you if you would like to join.

Check out their recruiting website for details Royal Canadian Navy: Navy Life & Careers


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Depends how you play it - I did a short exchange with the RCN Reserve when I lived in Canada for a while. There were ex RNR guys on their books permanently, but a lot has changed since then.

They are first rate people, but even more resource strapped than we are!

Unforntunately nothing more than a handful of sentences i'm afraid. I realise that fluency in French would be a bonus.

Thanks for the info Guns & PT. I'll check out the website again. There didn't seem to be much info of use the last time i had a look.
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Cheers WD, I was CIS. I got out when they took all the fun stuff out. I'm WARSEA these days although I wouldn't object to going back to comms if they do more of the traditional flag tossing and RO kid of stuff.
One point worth remembering (unless it has changed since last century) is that the requirement for language skills (English or French) is regional in nature, in line with federal goverment policy.

Thus, if you want a posting anywhere in Quebec, unless you have a good rating in French, you won't get it. Conversely, lack of French language skills won't be a major issue in the Prairies or the left coast...
Well, since the immigration process opened up again in May it would appear that my skills are not currently in demand in Canada. We've been informed that there may be a way in via Nova Scotia which we're now looking into but it's not somewhere we've really considered.

Anyone got any experience of NS be that visiting or something more permanent?
I met a couple of Nova Scotian photographers in the Amazon Rainforest a few years back.

They were basically the same as Scottish people, similar accent, pasty skin, miserable, liked whiskey. I actually thought they were Scottish at first, to me they sounded just like well educated Jocks, I would've never have guessed they were from the other side of the Atlantic.

Having since looked at photos of Novia Scotia, I can see where the similarity comes from, it looks ******* bleak. You might as well move to the Falklands.
Visited Halifax on a T boat. One of the best runs ashore I've had TBH. Friendly peeps, good pubs and clubs etc etc and the scenery (what I remember of it) was superb. We were "adopted" by the local rugby club and a good time was had by all.


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I live here, for two weeks more before moving to Ottawa (cheers pusser).

It's OK. Ocean and beaches nice. People OKish, small town feel and no Ikea or decent bands.

Housing is cheap at the moment but will pick up as the ship building starts again. Going through a rough patch and most young people with skills are buggering off to Alberta.

Weather is variable and a pain. I've lived in Alberta at -40C and it is fine, nice and dry. Here it can go from 10C to -20C in a day and be dry to wet snow in an hour. Freezing rain is a pain (normal rain, hits cold surface and freezes as sheet ice - scary when driving). Expensive to live and without the LOA we would be unhappy campers.

Of the few expats we have met most are moving elsewhere or returning to the UK.

Of the places in Canada I have lived it is at the bottom of my list of two locations, and once I have moved to Ottawa I think it could plummet to third.
RCN & Reserves

trehorn; We've been informed that there may be a way in via Nova Scotia which we're now looking into but it's not somewhere we've really considered. Anyone got any experience of NS be that visiting or something more permanent?[/QUOTE said:
You could try getting some local gen through their 'Old Comrades' associations, SAOC West, SAOC Central & SAOC EAST <Submariners Association Of Canada East >
Thanks for the posts guys. Just returned from 2 wks in Ontario seeing relatives. Really enjoyed it although it was more expensive than I remember.

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