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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. Got asked a question in hospital I couldn't answer so;
    Which medals do the Canadians get for combat?The Aussies and the Kiwis still get the VC etc but I don't remember any Canutes getting one after WW2.
    Guess I'm wrong and I could Google it but someone may have the right explanation if they have changed to their own medal format or do they still use ours.
    I'm not sure if we still award knighthoods etc to the Canadians as we do with the rest of the Commonwealth.
    They have fought superbly in the Mid East but I don't remember many awards,do they have an SAS as the Aussies and Kiwis do?
    On another point if Australia finally remove the Queen as a figurehead will they still get the VC and other UK decorations?
    Should know the answer but I don't,if you can enlighten an old git I'll be happy to find out.
  2. Found this on the net for you......

    In an effort to make all Canadian Military Honours uniquely Canadian, the government assumed responsibility for the Victoria Cross, previously a British medal, in 1993. After much controversy, including efforts to do away with the VC altogether, (a move blocked by the Monarchist League and the Royal Canadain Legion) a Canadian version of the Victoria Cross was finally adopted and given Royal approval. On May 16, 2008 Governor General Michaëlle Jean and Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled the Canadian Victoria Cross at a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa.
    Pro Valore

    The Canadian award is similar to the original in that it is a bronze cross patté suspended from a crimson ribbon. In the center is a lion atop a crown with the Latin words ‘Pro Valore’ (instead of the British ‘For Valour’) enscrolled beneath. The original Victoria Cross was crafted from the bronze of guns captured from the Russians during the Crimean War in 1858. In a move to keep with that tradition, the Canadian VC will also contain metal from those guns as well as metal from the 1867 Confederation Medals and metal from all regions of Canada. A myriad of engravers, engineers and government departments spent countless hours making the distinctive Victoria Cross Canada’s own. "It was important to us that we create a design that would honour tradition and that we produce the Canadian Victoria Cross right here in Canada," Ms. Jean said in a speech at Rideau Hall.

    The last surviving Canadian VC recipient was Ernest ‘Smokey’ Smith who earned his Cross fighting Germans along the Savio River in Italy in 1944. He is probably also the only VC winner who had to be kept in jail the night before he received his award. Smokey died in August 2005 at the age of 91 and was accorded a full military funeral.

  3. Looks very similar


    And the British one for comparison

  4. I suppose having the inscription in Latin solves the problem of having it in English and French. That bloody de Gaulle man.
  5. You got it in one....sad but true :(
  6. Please delete cookies after reading.... :D :D :D :D

  7. Very interesting and very commendable. Thanks.

    In that article, though, what bloody relevance is;

    to tasks successfully completed by Canadians?
  8. Yeah, bit of a backhanded comment, but what can we expect from media types... :wink:
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    Sorry about the drift, but my wife's cousin married a bloke (born in USA) who ran a factory near Montreal making furnace bricks. Having to put Fabrique au Canada as well as Made in Canada on them added a halfpenny or something to each brick making it uncompettitive for export to US. Translate into Fr: 'Cutting off your nose to spite your face'.
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  11. Oui.... :p
  12. thanks for that,sorted, cheers.

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