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Canada V New Zealand...which one?

Right then, had enough of this country, fed up with the way it's going down the tubes and I'm damn sure I'm not going to be some PC tree hugging little european who pays all his money to the government be it overtly or covertly through tax.

So I'm off. The question is Canada or New Zealand, I'm classed as a "critical skills shortage" immigrant in both countries and have taken and passed both government on line questionares. Canada appeals because of the vastness and quicker "get in" time, New Zealand appeals for the family life.

I'm looking at Alberta in Canada and South, south Island places in New Zealand...Oh, the skill I have that everyone seems short of, HGV1.

Anyone have any experiance in these places and give me a heads up?

It is Very bloody cold in Canada in the Winter and has midges with 6 feet wingspans in the summer. Is very PC and close to the Septics.

If it were I, then NZ, remote from the rest of the world and a beautiful place. Bonus it has many pretty sheeep.

Midges...fcuk I'm a midge magnet, the fcuking things love me. NZ certainly appeals for the kids education side of life. The south bit appeals to me, probably because I'm from the south west.


War Hero
Blobbs leaving the Green and Pleasant Land!! What the [email protected]#. Still I did it about 13 years ago so good luck.
Now then, New Zealand nice people (apart from the winging Poms, never satisfied them buggers...) good climate (bit like UKs, but warmer summers).
Housing affordable for a migrant with a few bob from house sale in UK and a job, average in Dunners is about NZ$280k for a 3 bedroom house.
Traffic/commuting not bad, unless you live/work in the Auckland area and then your looking at an exhausting HOUR long commute, anything longer than 10 mins from one side of Dunners to the other and road rage ensues( NZ version, muttering under breath and perhaps writing a letter to the local paper)!!
Cost of living not bad, although wages are lower (Average in Dunners is 28+K, but anyone with a trade or quals should be able to beat that)
Schools are for the most part, in the South anyhow, good.
Funded, to provide buildings, teachers and equipment etc (And a little bit more for special needs etc) by National Government and any luxuries are funded by fund raising and or arm twisting by the School Principal (Head).
Most secondary school (High Schools or Colleges) pupils wear a uniform, in Dunners this usually means a kilt,blouse and jumper for the girls and trousers, shirt and jumper for the boys. (A word of warning, until boys are in the 5th Form some schools insist they wear shorts. It is quite odd to see a beefy lad who wouldn't look out of place in a senior rugby teams scrum wearing knee length shorts and long socks.)
Heres some official stuff from the Gubbment, about the local area, you should be able to search that for other regions in NZ.
Beaches are great, yet to see 1 pebble on an NZ beach.
Down side, obviously a long way from 'home' and this effects a lot of migrants quite badly.
NZ is an earthquake zone and little shudders become part of life, Civil Defence (Disaster relief Local Government org) are constantly harping on about 'We're long overdue for the BIG ONE!!'.
We've got volcanoes too!
Crime is here as well, 'P' pure methamphetamine seems to be the drug of choice for today's up and coming wannabe Gangsta. So far not overly prevalent in the South Island.

Canada...their second language is French, nuff said. :thumright:
wet_blobby said:
Midges...fcuk I'm a midge magnet, the fcuking things love me. NZ certainly appeals for the kids education side of life. The south bit appeals to me, probably because I'm from the south west.


Can see why you were not a Nav Yeo. Kiwi land is upside down to us the South is like Scotland wetter and colder and the North like Devon is warmer but has more ethnics.

Ahhhh...I see I see says the blind man... :dwarf:

Yep, I can figure that out now...Doh... :oops:

The South still appeals, I was looking at a website and (govt) statistics showed that the principle city Inversomething had a population of they all know each other? walk to work and you'll know everyone by name, sounds great to me.


War Hero
Invercargill, NOOOooooo!!! My god man, they'll only let you in if you're married to your sister and the local sheep are all sluts! It really is too hideous for words.


War Hero
While the Canadian scenery and open space is great they too are a society controlled by the thought police and it is not unknown for journalists and other citizens to be hauled before a tribunal to explain any non-PC writings or mutterings.... I'd give it a miss.

NZ on the other hand, is also very PC and has a nasty habit of giving citizenship to all sorts of ethnics and other undesirables who then, utilising a loophole in the immigration laws, head for Australia before the ink on their new Kiwi passports is properly dry. This does have the advantage of leaving NZ free of these people.

I would say NZ is the place to be. Avoid Auckland and the North Island in general. The South is the place to be. Great scenery, the people are good and they have a passable Rugby competition.


Lantern Swinger
i have just came back from a month in nz, and am now saving to go permanent, i spent three weeks in palmerston north and one week in auckland. and enjoyed both. palmerston is on the southern side of the north island about one and half hours from wellington. and quiet and laid back. auckland very large but scenic, no pubs like we have here but plenty of resturants, good beer and food. i am looking at napier for my move. if nz bootneck can pm me any info on that area it would be very much appreciated.


Book Reviewer
Nutty said:
It is Very bloody cold in Canada in the Winter

A mere -20 to -30 overnight, rising to -15 to -5 or so during the day with glorious sunshine and clear blue skys - can't be beat. The UK at -5 to +15 seems colder strangely enough - perhaps its because the clothing over here is designed for the climate.

Nutty said:
... and has midges with 6 feet wingspans in the summer.

They're not midges, well not like Scottish midges - they're either mosquitoes or blackfly. Both can be annoying, but with the right stuff (DEET) they don't stop you getting out and making the most of the summer.

WB - if you have a look here, the canoe photos were taken at the height of "bug season" - I'm not a roughy-toughy ex-Booty like you, but I still coped!

Nutty said:
Is very PC and close to the Septics.

While its PC, it can also be very pragmatic and down to earth, far more sensible than the UK in my experience.

Being close to the Septics is only a distance issue - again there's a world of difference between the Canadians and Bush's brood south of the border - if you ever wondered why Canadian backpackers wear the Maple Leaf flag so prominently, its to ensure that the locals don't confuse them with Americans.

Nutty said:
If it were I, then NZ, remote from the rest of the world and a beautiful place. Bonus it has many pretty sheeep.

NZ is also PC, and while it may not have the bugs of Canada, with that amount of sheep there are bound to be sheep ticks!

If WB is looking at HGV 1 driving, Canada offers some extensive and interesting drives - the roads, once you're out of T'ron'o are extremely quiet compared to the Europe and evn in the depths of winter, driving is relatively easy. The cost of living, especially housing, is cheaper than the UK and the quality of life beats it hands down.

A happy exile in Eastern Ontario



Canada. Cold Cold Cold!!!!! Snow Snow Snow!!!!! Short winter days and long winter nights. And Alberta has an even more severe winter than where I live.

On the other hand I've yet to meet someone from Edmonton or Calgary who didn't absolutely love living there. Even the Francophones who move there for work reasons fall in love with the place.

Something you may want to look into is the tax situation. About 20 years ago we were subjected to a federal sales tax called GST. Including an already high provincial sales tax (PST) along with high income taxes (federal and provincial), well you get the picture. Alberta, I believe, doesn't have a PST.

At the time of the intro of the GST we were told that New Zealand was a country where a federal sales tax replaced income taxes and the new system worked fine. The trouble was that in Canada one tax didn't replace the other but was added on to the taxpayer`s load. You may want to look into the tax situations in both countries first.

Gas (petrol) where I am an is $1.00 Cdn (Euro 0.67) a litre.
Firearm ownership (if you care) is still possible and affordable.
Americans are not near as bad people as the contributors to this site think they are.
Starting your own business is very simple to do.
We have socialized medical care which is state of the art (partly why taxes are so high).

If I think of anything else I will let you know.



War Hero
Even the Francophones who move there for work reasons fall in love with the place.

Great any chance you can convince those that live in Quebec to move out there with you guys...Lol

WB, plenty of opportunities in Canada, the weather on the East Coast is slowly becoming what it used to be in the UK, temperate, mind you January can freeze the balls off of a Mammoth....but the summers are great, driving is okay (get heavy duty shocks, lots of potholes).

Alberta is okay for now, but they had the same thing during the 70's and then it all went Pete tong, the housing market crashed, the $10.00 Big Macs came to earth and the majority of Albertans who were actually displaced Capers and Newfs went back will happen again...

No midges, no blackflies, very little of anything as the coastline has the best breezes, the air is pure, the camping is great, the beer is not bad and we import a lot of the stuff from the old country.

Also you are close to the Bahamas, and even a quick flight to Bermuda should you choose.

Boston is okay as far as US cities go, actually the Eastern States are actually part of Canada, we just haven't had the opportunity to tell them...

I am not sure about the PC stuff, or the fact that our media is controlled, AFAIK, our media is fairly Liberal, sure we have our fair share of tree huggers, and draft dodgers, but hey, we did it during the 60's as well.

Our politicians are a lot like yours, so that's a negative, there is no football madness over here, just Hockey.. :hockey:

Oh yeah, taxes are high, but there are ways to limit the costs, and the benefits are worth it, some will grumble, but hey, nothing in life is ever free right...

Myself, I wouldn't live anywhere else on this planet unless I owned it (my own island as such..Lol).....

The yanks are harmless near the borders, they barely know we exist, unless we are down there shopping, and right now the loony is almost par with the greenback....

Things are rosy here, the US is imploding and it's taking the EU down with it, we on the other hand have stashed away for just such an event....

Flip a coin WB....either place would like your services... :thumright:
Blobs, what was the name of that website you told me to look at? I like the sound of Canada and the sheer vastness of the place and the great outdoors appeals to me.

P.S. Had a fantastic few days with a Canadian motorcycle cop (Winnipeg, Manitoba) in Antigua once. What a babe :)
I'm thinking of taking off to one of these wonderful countries as well. I would like to go and open up a martial arts school, which one would be most receptive to this???

NZB Are all the sheep there black belt already?? :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Being a kiwi living in the UK, I'd vote for Canada..

Simple reasons really. NZ can still be very insular, especially towards kids. I spent a couple of years in the UK at school and then back to NZ and the attitude was always "why on earth would you ever want to leave NZ?!". A lot of kiwi's do travel, but again, their idea of travelling is to come to England for two years, live in Earls Court, live with kiwis, work with kiwis and aussies and then head home after "working" in London. Sorry mate, but you lived in a predominantly kiwi and aussie area, lived with them and worked with them. Argh.

I go home every 18-24 months for a month or so, and although I call the place home, I don't think that I would ever move back there again. It's too far from anywhere (except for Oz), and the attitudes of a lot of kiwis towards those in the rest of the world are along the lines of "we're not there, so it doesn't affect us".

From the people I've met and those I've talked to, I'd take a look at Canada. The people are great, the scenery can be amazing and there are plenty of job opportunities going. It's also closer to Europe than NZ is, so if you ever do feel like travelling - not that you'd need to leave Canada for the first decade or so with all the exploring you could do there..
Hey Blobbs,

NZ is a great place and the South Island is definitely the place to go IMHO. Just spent the weekend in Christchurch while popping NZB's cherry ( he was fantastic and strangely seemed to know exactly what he was doing....)

Christchurch is really nice, Invercargill I briefly visited last year and have to agree with NZB NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!

I have heard Dunedin is lovely as is Nelson but haven't been to either. Queenstown and Wanaka are GORGEOUS however very seasonal, work is mainly in tourism and the population would be quite transient.

In the North, Wellington, Napier, Hastings or Tauranga might appeal to you.

Can't speak for Canada but I have heard that they tend to always give jobs to Canadian nationals over immigrants which may not be a problem if your job has a skill shortage but could be a problem for Mrs. Blobby.

I'm heading back the other way but will end up back here one day!
Dunedin (and area) seems a good place to me, the education side seems fab for the blobbettes, I just fancy the south Island more than the north, dont know exactly why but it seems "better" in a strange to put my finger on way.

....and I could stalk NZB...... :dwarf:

There is some cracking websites promoting the area if you do a bit of research, looks good. I can even read the local rag on line...Mrs Blobbs wants to have a "looksee" first so I'll probably end up going over shortly.


Lantern Swinger
Canada, sorry to all Canadians, sucks. Minus, yep below zero, 45 today in the prairies - so yes it's vast, but just avoid the entire middle portion and you won't miss a thing. Summer was up at plus 45, which is fine, but those f#cking mosquitos are something to watch out for, I'm sure they took lessons off Stuka pilots in the war! West Coast pretty but stuck up, East coast wet and miserable (Oh yeah, so is the west), the PC brigade are out in force, no insulting the franco's in earshot of anyone. Huge border with the septics, can't be a good thing. Everyone is all "Have a nice day" and bolloxs, but wil they hold open a door for you? Not a chance.

Get to Kiwi, South Island awesome, brother went out 6 years ago, hasn't even come close to looking back.
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