Can you take a laptop on a boat?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Mike777, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. I was just wondering, for something to do off-watch, can you take a laptop on a boat?
  2. Yes you can.
  3. No point until you qualify, you won't have any time. If you aren't sleeping when off watch you'll be tracing systems.
  4. More mindless drivel.
  5. I can't.

    I don't own a boat.
  6. Yes. But you can't make it drink.

  7. Been done - lad on my boat learned to play the saxophone - lots of lonely hours on 3 deck.
  8. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    What was more mindless the question or your 'response'?..................Prat. The Internet is such a great wall for chimps to hide behind.
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  9. Be careful when your charging it aboard; shipboard electricity can flutuate in amperage. A spike protector would help. You might be better off with old fashioned books.
  10. The frequency is 60 Hz so it pushes 20% more apparent power through and the Voltage may vary. Most chargers can cope read the label.

  11. You should know pal, only an idiot could take the question seriously.
  12. I took the question seriously, am I an idiot? No I'm not. I took 10 seconds of my time to answer the guy, which is about the same amount of time it probably took you to insult him. I know which of the two options I think is the most idiotic.
    Just because the question may seem stupid to a cantankerous old twat doesn't mean it wasn't a serious question. The guy has never been on a submarine and had a question. If you're unsure of something the sensible thing to do is ask. Just make sure you don't ask a tool.
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  13. It would appear from your response that the cap fits.
  14. Glad to see your back on form Finks
  15. Seems a reasonable question to me. You can use them for downloaded books and also studying etc.
    Have they put the Part 3 manual or other training books on PDF yet? Wouldn't be a bad idea to save a little space and getting them lost etc.
  16. tam


    It would appear to be the case that some must have led a very sheltered life in HM Forces as they do not seem to know when they are having their strings jerked.
  17. A netbook would be more appropriate (size-wise). Just fill it with as much porn as you can possibly download and cover the screen with clingfilm.In my day we didn't have lap-tops....didn't have computers, except something called a D.C.B. and THAT was fu**ing ENORMOUS and would only fit in the Control Room. We entertained ourselves with T.A.B's, B.S.Q's, Scotchbrites, damp cloths and quite a lot of masturbation. As far as I know,you don't have your own plug hole, so charging it up may be a problem and there's NO WAY they'll let you leave it in a compartment such as W/T - Sonar - E.W. or any other place come to think of and such...y'know.

  18. Actually, (pedantic mode ON) DCB lived in the Computer Room, which was the compartment aft of the Sonar Cab Space on 2 deck and opposite the galley. The Fire Control consoles in the Control Room were merely the displays from DCB. But hey ho! (pedantic mode OFF).
  19. (What does pedantic mean?). All I remember is that it was big, and that I was a fu**ing dab hand with a "Light Pen" a fu**ing long timebefore Darth fu**ing Vader was issued with a bigger version!
  20. What about cameras for jollies and stuff? Nobody cared to answer my question in another thread.

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