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Can you remember your worst night?


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When I was serving, a much known thing that most of our time, when not working, you are out on the town drinking as much as you can!

Anyway, one night, in April 2003 after returning from the Gulf, we had a fancy dress night, a group of us headed out into town and ended up in the ever lovely Jester! Around 1am, I left the night club, worse for wear and didn’t tell my mates, however, one of the lads ran out and said he’d come back to base with me. I told he to bugger off and enjoy the night, I got into a silver Renault Megane taxi and set off, Camels Head gate please drives!

I remember being sat in the back, in the middle, bending down behind the passenger seat trying to find my bag, kept repeating I needed my ID card to get in. Then I rem drives turning around saying ‘luv, we’ll get ya bag when we reach the main gate………………..SH*T!!’, BASH, WHALLOP, BANG! I wake up in the front of the car, trapped in-between the gear stick and the dash board, legs wrapped around the driver’s seat. Apparently, as I hadn’t sent the heads on crash, being that I was looking behind the passenger seat and drunk, I was like a rag doll. Hit the front passenger seat, slammed my back up against the wind screen and landed smack where I was lying. Docs and Xrays show I should have shattered my skull, broken a few ribs and my right leg. I eventually walk away 13 hours later covered in massive bruises, hang over and come down form morphine, splitting headache and not memory from what happened.

The taxi driver was slightly over the drink drive limit, the weather was that heavy rain you couldn’t see through and he smashed 60mph into a parked car and apparently I was the one to blame!
And a good night was had by all! were very lucky there..

Remember one night going back to Collingwood, driving and worse for ware with a few oppos, when we turned in towards the main gate, steering wheel came off ( take the wheel!) and hit the wall next to the gates..spent the rest of the night explaining why we missed the opening!!
bloody hell!!
Been to a few of those type of jobs in my little yellow ambulance. Your lucky to be alive mate. Seen quite a few jobs where the wreckage of the vehicle is 200m down the road and all that is left of the passengers can be found by the engine. What joy!! Not sure they would have given you morphine with a head injury as it is contraindicated. That and the fact you were battered i would think you would have been given some other analgesic. I generally cant remember how i get home when i pissed, normally a work oppo of mine who doesn't drink delivers me to my door, repels my feeble advances and leaves me there!!
Dunno what they gave me but I was in and out of being awake.

I do remember waking up and there was a police officer by my bed, tried talking to me. I took my mask off and opened with 'How you doing!', whilst picking the dry blood off my face. My mate had to keep slapping my hand away, trust me to try and chat some one up huh

I do, however, remember sitting in sick bay a few days later and listening to a few MAs talking about a car accident up by the Avondale that blocked the road for most of that day.

But I put on a smile, they were none the wiser :lol:
Nope,i was kicked out by the civvy coppers in the morning after being charged under a sect 5 public order offense,they did catch up with me back at Haslar though LOL
Got falsly arrested in Magaluf then had to pay £50 to get out. There is a storey behind it all but as with so many of my dits..... you had to be there to fully appreciate it

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