Can you mentor me in the RFA application process?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Togberners, Feb 7, 2015.

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  1. Is there anyone who could mentor me through the whole process of applying and joining the RFA? I am a 53 year old female and am hoping to apply as a rating (catering) when vacancies arise hopefully later in the year. At the moment I am trying to get fit in preparation for the recruitment test but does anyone know the exact time a woman of my age would have to complete the 1.5 mile run in? How many press ups would I need to do? Would I keep my knees on the floor and do these have to be done within a certain time? Do women perform press ups in the same way as the men? In initial training what is the longest run that recruits go on and in approximately what time is this completed?
    I really would appreciate if someone would be willing to keep in regular email contact with me over the coming months to answer many of my other questions and guide me through the whole recruitment/initial training process. All help would be gratefully received.

  2. Well, I could lie and make you go out running and doing lots of push ups (which is never a bad thing) but there is no fitness test for the RFA.

    There is an ENG1 medical exam but unless you've got a chronic health conditions or some other massive underlying health issue, you should pass it it without worries.

    The one thing I would check however, is when they do accept applications in the future is if they are employing people under the old terms or if they are only employing people as a "apprentices" now. (As they are in other departments)

    Apprentices terms of employment are much worse than they are for current trainees in both salary and time off.
  3. Careers advisers = recruitment process mentors. And I'd hazard to guess a lot bloody better at it than random applicants such as myself!
  4. Hi there is no fitness for entry. Those applying for a cadetship do but not for what you are looking into.
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  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The RFA have taken over some RN tasking but individuals are still not obliged to be gym bunnies. Sea Survival training ( Fire Fighting, Damage Control and staying afloat while your ship doesn't) is strenuous but it isn't the Commando Course. Don't fret. Medically fit, not Jessica Ennis (sigh) fit.
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  6. Hi Togberners,

    I'm going for the Comms Rating apprenticeship and as Bleeh says the terms of conditions are not as good. My letter says that I'll be on £14,648 with no allowance and no guarantee of a permanent position after training. But I gather that as long as you can stick out and keep your nose clean they can offer you a position. Either way you come out of the apprenticeship as a fully qualified seafarer so you could go commercial.

    As the others say you don't have to pass a fitness test just the ENG1 medical, which is around £80. I did find an article on the internet written by a Surgeon Cdr RN about the RFA which was interesting. He said the average age is 42 and most ratings/officers have the usual older person maladies such as Hypertension and Cholesterol. I think the only thing to worry about is passing the BMI as they like you to be a little under the "cuddly bundle" stage we tend to get in middle age !

    So you go for it Togberners, I'm 52 and am up for joining and who knows one day we'll be on an RFA ship in the Caribbean enjoying the sunshine while tucking in to your superbly made steak and chips :)
  7. Thanks Old Scopie. It is nice to know that they are still taking people around my age. You must be looking forward to starting, I wish I were you. When did you first make your application? Do you know when they will next be recruiting for rating apprenticeships? When you had your interview what questions did they ask. I am frightened of them asking me about ships because frankly I don't know anything about them? In what detail do you need to know about the RFA? Do you have any information you used for preparing for your interview that you could email me?
  8. Ok and breath Togberners !

    So far I have applied for the RFA on the Royal Navy website, I suggest you go there click on careers, then RFA Ratings and apply for the Chef Apprentice role click on this or cut and paste into your browser website That said have a look at the other RFA roles and see if they appeal. Each role has a short video as well where a serving rating tells you about the job, the best one is Shaun who's an SG2, loves football, has driven the ship and been to Cornwall !

    The RFA have sent back the Supplementary Questionnaire for me to complete, then I'll be invited to the AFCO for a psychometric test, then its sift stage and if successful on to interview and if successful with that a formal offer. So I've still got a fair way to go but am determined to get there.

    Regarding information, the RN website is pretty good and Wikipedia has plenty of information as well, just type in Royal Fleet Auxiliary and have a look at what comes up. Also this forum is very good for help, advice, guidence and a bit of leg pulling. That should give you some background to the RFA and knowledge about current operations I would also suggest you give RFA recruting a ring as well as they are very helpful, best No is 02392 725371 and ask them a few questions.

    If you've never been in the forces now is a good time to get your head around acronyms and abbreviations as they use loads.

    Just give me a shout if you need anymore help or start another thread as there are plenty on here to help you out.


    The Old Scopie.

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