Can you identify this sword?


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My great grandfather was in the merchant navy - Captain with the Donaldson Line, joined around 1910 and reired in 1950. The sword attached was a bequest from him to my mother. The two stories are that it was his own, or alternatively he was given it from a surrendering Italian officer.

Can anyone identify it please? It looks like an RN one without the gold leaf but I suspect that may have been lost over time. For a merchant navy captain, had he served in the RNR I doubt if he would have bought a sword especially if a wartime commission. I do not think he served in the Med, a lot was told about trips on the Arctic convoys - few Italians there.

So, any thought ladies and gentlemen?





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Doesn't look British.

However very old RN swords could be curved. I recall one example used by a chap on course with me at Whaley (something from his family, probably Victorian). Confused the GIs because either the hilt or the point would be out of line with all the others.

When the wimmin were given gold stripes an admiral remarked to me that because of their hips their swords would stick out and get in other people's way.

Nothing engraved on the blade. The anchor on the hilt means navy of some sort. I dont know when the Italians dropped teh Royal from their Navy.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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