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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by lossielad, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi all
    I am looking for information on my father who served most of his carrer in Lossiemouth throughout the 60s with trips aboard HMS Victorious and Ark Royal. I recall he had an affinity with 809 NAS. I gather I am not supposed to mention names on the boards so if anyone thinks they may be able to help me then feel free to e-mail me, or PM whatever that is :?:
  2. I'm fairly certain that you can mention his name in this case.
    Many of us on the site served at Lossie, including myself, Hig the pig amd Scouse (when he wasn't down the bookies). :p
  3. Cheers Slim,
    his name was Barry Barnes
    his trade articifer,rank Petty Officer
    as kids I remember a couple of nick names of friends of his, Happy and Jumper.
  4. Hi Lossielad

    Like you i'm son of WAFU, and a Lossie Loon as well. My old man served on 809 mid sixties - 1972 I'll ask him and let you know
  5. Are you just looking for service information or family information as well??
  6. Put out a request on these sites, it could help For ship :wink: HMS Victorious Association HMS Victorious Welcome to this official site of the HMS Victorious Association. - 8k For 809 sqdn Buccaneers
    FAABA - 45k - Cached - Similar pages and this one. The Blackburn Buccaneer Society - Home The Blackburn Buccaneer Society, ... - 46k - Cached - Similar pages ALSO on here and
  7. Sorry though the name does ring a bell I can't recall any memories of him.
    The FAABA site recommended by Scouse is your best starting place as 90% of the members have served at Lossie.
    They have a visitors book.
    Put your message on there complete with your email address, bet you get more than a couple of replies.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Best regards
  8. Thanks for ther reply chief, anything really I have very little service info about dad and would love to contact anyone who knew my parents.

  9. Thanks for the links Scouse , I have left a message on the Victorious site and hope some one will remember him.
    Some fantastic pics on the Bucc forum, I have very little from dads time in the FAA I do have some 8mm movie film he took during his trips one shows a car being fired off the flight deck of Victorious??
  10. Just like that :wink: :wink:
  11. The footage I have looks to me as though the car may have been picked up in possibly Japan and used as Poseidons chariot in a crossing the line ceremony before beibg shot off the front cat. I will try to post the clip in youtube if I can work out how to do it!
  12. Dont forget?? FAABA web page , Like Slim said , it will be your best bet for results :wink: :wink: You mean the Port Cat :roll: dont you?????? :lol: :lol:
  13. I bow to your superior knowledge, but what would an ex pongo know??
  14. Maybe :dontknow: 809 sqdn Collin Snowdon "Jumper" CAF(O) 1963 1964 ??? a long shot CAF(O) Chief Airframe Fitter Ordanance
  15. Thanks for that Scouse but to be honest unless the individual recognises himself I have no way of knowing. I remember "Happy" had a white VW beetle and used to take us out for day trips!!
    I have been learning how to use this you tube thingumy and havuploaded a small clip taken I believe in the far east, a bit grainy but some good Bucc shots, have a look.

    More when I have worked out how to edit the original.
  16. Could be the carp pools in Singapore? Think the RFA oiler is the Tide Reach?? Solids Reliant??? might be an Aussie frigate Hmas Quiberon??? definitely a Mk1 Buccaneer 63/65 commission 801 Sqdn and Wessex helicopter?? someone else might recognize the ships. best of luck
  17. Escort looks like Hms Llandaff. Air defence picket. Saw her in Gib 66/67 Together with a carrier. Though cannot remember the Carriers name

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